20 thoughts on “VHS transfer to DVD using combo recorder

  1. Secret tip from a pro.. Always fast forward and rewind ANY tape that has been in storage for many years. It corrects tape tension and makes for a better transfer.

  2. i have a rare vhs documentary. i was wondering if there is a place of business i can take it to to have it transferred to dvd for a fee? its the only vhs tape i own and dont want to buy a machine for only one tape.

  3. I've been looking at DVD Recorder/VHS combos at Amazon. One customer reviewer reminded readers that although it was a combo they still needed to connect another vcr to the DVD recorder. Either that person didn't know the correct way to use their machine or the review was for a different combo machine that was not a recorder. Its getting a bit complex trying to find a DVD recorder/VHS combo that will actually record. The information at Amazon isn't helping.

  4. I have tried multiple types of recording dvd's & it always says not compatible & will not dub or record.

  5. Hey Anthony I have a Emerson EWD2003 DVDPlayer with video cassett recorder can I do this on my combo please let me know thanks

  6. Very helpful. Got one from my mother-in-law, but no remote. Cant figure out how to finalize with out the remote. Any suggestions? Might have to order one on Amazon. Thank you for the video instructions!!!!!!!

  7. Thank you Anthony, your information was very helpful. My question is can I record two separate 30 minute VHS tapes on one DVD. I appreciate your help.

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