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It’s game day and you want to watch your favorite game but the link buffers because to many signed on. Well this addon can solcve that problem for you as each game they post has many links, if one does not work try another. For kody 17.6 18 2018 android pc ios
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20 thoughts on “SPORT/365/LIVE IS THE BEST LIVE GAME SPORT ADDON FOR KODI krypton 17.6 2018

  1. Game times listed are 7 hrs. ahead of US Central Time. If you want to watch a game that should be on but you get a red dot, back out, go back in and it will refresh and now will be green. If you click on a game that has a green dot but you get a error message, do the same thing. Back out, go back in, and it will refresh and now work.

  2. Everything I have watched since Sat. evening has had a good to excellent picture except for 1. Some games have a number of entries because there is a separate entry for every channel/country showing that game.

  3. 365 is the addon I have been waiting for! In between 3 trips outside to clean up after our weekend snow storm I have watched a playoff game, parts of several soccer games, and now am watching a Swiss hockey playoff game. Oh Yeah!!!!!

  4. noticed sports 365 also in the kodibae repository and game start times are 6 hours ahead of eastern daylight time.

  5. Thank you once again!! Hopefully my prayers have been answered! So frustrated with Pure Sport that had NHL now doesn’t, chronos doesn’t work properly makes my Kodi freeze trying to get a stream and sparkle doesn’t show any links even though Ace is running and plexus working fine. Thanks again for you fine work and research Mitch, fingers crossed this one stays up and running!

  6. Hope this works. So damn tired of the constant fight with Sportsdevil trying to get it to work. All I need is MLB and NFL.

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