5 Everyday Things To Stop Doing If You Want to Live Longer!

5 Everyday Things To Stop Doing If You Want to Live Longer!


You’ve probably heard…a gazillion times, that it’s never too late to be healthy. Let me confirm that fact to you today if you have ever doubted its truth. Adopting healthy habits can actually assist you in slowing down your biological clock and living longer. Luckily for you, these are habits that you can incooperate in your day to day activities. With this being said, prepare to be amazed by the 5 Everyday Things To Stop Doing If You Want to Live Longer! Ready? Well, lets begin!

1. Stop Sitting Still

You want to live longer? Well, get those muscles moving! For those who are not a fan of hitting the track or the gym, you will like this: you only need fifteen minutes of moderate intense exercise a day to increase your life span. That brisk walk or jogging session can add you an extra three years. In fact, if you hit the global minimum recommended of 30 minutes a day, five times a week, you can extend this to four years and above. So what are you waiting for! Get that body moving and lets live longer!

2. Stop Stressing

If you want to increase your years living on Earth, then you better seriously stop stressing. I know you know what I am talking about. Going over that script over and over again in your head will not help your situation. There are several de-stress methods that you can try out like journaling or writing in a diary, meditating and learning to relax. The liberation you get after doing this is priceless and you stay away from anxiety, tension and depression. Remember, staying away from stress is a personal effort that you must consciously make. The next time you want to stress give your mind a short staycation. You deserve it!

3. Stop Smoking

Here’s an interesting fact. Smoking can rob you up to a decade of your life! I know it is easier said than done but you have to stop taking that puff. Research shows that tobacco use is the most preventable kind of death. There are many advantages that come with this habit. Apart from being healthy, you also look much younger. Also, you don’t only save your health from the effects of smoking but also that of those around you. You’ll be surprised at how forgiving your body is as soon as you quit smoking. Blood pressure reduces and your blood circulation improves. Also that dreaded cancer will slowly start retreating from you. So, are you ready to take up the challenge?

4. Stop Keeping to Yourself

Get out there and mingle! And I am not saying to go out looking for a date and stuff but socializing. You are not meant to be alone! Socializing can help you manage stress, strengthen your immune system and wait for it….live longer! However, you’d better stick to good healthy friendships if you want to keep a positive frame of mind. Those bad ones will give you a negative mind frame and increase your chances of depression and heart attacks. You may be thinking, ‘My family is so far away’ or ‘I don’t know many people in this city’. Those are all a bunch of excuses. Get yourself out there and into book clubs and volunteering. There are so many opportunities out there to socialize.

5. Stop Holding a Grudge

Here’s a thought! Let go of those who hurt you! Someone stepped on your shoe…let them go. Someone said something nasty or gossiped you…let them go. I know you feel good justifying yourself and all…but you’ll tell me if it’s worth the cortisol. When you are stressed or angry, thehormone’s levels shoot up which affects your heart, metabolism and even your immune system. It also helps increase your life span. Now you tell me…Is holding that grudge really worth it? I dont think so…

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20 Responses

  1. The sapphire Minecart says:

    Hey I really want to live forever

  2. Caleb Hopkins says:

    I'm 94% introverted and have multiple social anxieties… i think I'm meant to be alone :p socializing stresses me out so much xD

  3. Nat Barry says:

    looks like I'm not gonna live a very long life lmaooooo

  4. Kim jong van says:

    but everyone hates me at my school…

  5. DBZ SUPERXXX says:

    When its time , then its time

  6. Akia Tisby says:

    thx bro

  7. JakelaWeeze says:

    When will the smoking cravings stop they say it goes away after a month it's a lie

  8. TheHaloGod says:


  9. Svjetlana Sikirica says:

    Im 13 and a half years old, and I still havent learnt how to be socialized…

  10. Svjetlana Sikirica says:

    2:42 not creepy at all

  11. Andy Appleton says:

    I'm really attracted to Lea, and she's a cartoon.

  12. Unknown_User says:

    I guess I'll be dead by 60

  13. Emmy Nyange says:

    Thank you Guys I learned something. God bless You

  14. Sirzechs Gr says:

    Ow no i wont live as much!
    As if my life is so great i would care.
    working 8hours +1 to reach work +1 to come back +2 lunch hours.
    Thats 12 hours taken for work.
    +8 hours for a Minimal nights rest that is 20 hours out of 24 total
    Bath and hygiene 30mins+ making dinner 1hour+ eating 30mins.
    That is 22 hours. So that is literally only 2 hours a day i have for myself And my family if i don't do any cleaning or have another problem. Ow but wait i cant do anything because i am too tired from when i left my home 12Hours ago.
    Damn i really wish i could live longer so i can stay like this forever -.- and this is how the average person has it.

  15. Angel C-Perez says:

    standing more is a good way

  16. Darius Robert says:

    If you have a girlfriend,you will run out of money,then you will become stressed,she will leave you cuz she is a bitch and she is taking advantage of boys,you will be depressed,you get ill from depression,you will die

  17. Edwin Vazquez says:

    If the smoke from cigarettes is toxic why don't you tell people that the smoke from marijuana is just as bad

  18. Toxic Pixel says:

    how do I get a straight back?

  19. Kurtis Engle says:

    Sir. You are a moron.

  20. jackie jackie says:

    he forgot a way to release stress i cry if im too stressed after that i will feel better

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