A Thank You to Mangastream and a Message to VIZ Sawyer7mage

Mangastream announcement: http://mangastream.com/content/jump
Facebook thing: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sawyer7mage/177270582379795
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20 Responses

  1. Yusuke Yurameshi says:

    I can't help but wonder what it must feel like for anyone working at Viz to watch this, How can you stay so calm when some idiot who clearly has no idea what hes talking about is trying tell you how to run your product.

  2. otts486 says:

    I would support the official release but thing is my parents kind of won't let me. I am that kind of kid that doesn't get an allowance so I have to just hope my parents say yes if I ask and half of the time that doesn't go very well.

  3. Melonadefication says:

    You, sir, are an idiot.

  4. WhenYouSmile says:

    I agree with you besides a small Manga section in HMV but that's not what the stores about.

  5. WhenYouSmile says:

    I agree with you besides a small Manga section in HMV.

  6. WhenYouSmile says:

    I agree with you besides a small Manga section in HMV.

  7. LupinTheFriend says:

    Watch gigguks response cause there are 2 sides to this

  8. DrButty says:

    in portugal we dont have access to shit, i have to buy my manga and anime from amazon(i dont moind) but stil…

  9. sinistershibster says:

    instead of buying the mangna off viz i buy a bag off someguy so that when im watching/reading kishi doesent piss me off as bad bc im in a good mood cuz im high

  10. Adam Cooper says:

    Ive been reading the manga for years. I remember when at a book fair i saw a naruto manga book and i didnt know what it was. I bought it and still have it today. Its the only one ive ever seen for sale at a store in the us

  11. dead.deanders says:

    thank you sawyer for your opinion.. and thanks mangastream for bringing back Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Katekyo Hitman Reborn 4/7 that were taken down.. it seems VIZ learned their lesson..

  12. huamanJR says:

    when mangastream left i went to mangahere i mean im just broke right now to buy books

  13. graftn61 says:

    i buy the volumes. but i do not support viz as a company. I will never subscribe to them so long as they charge out the ass for something i can get for free online. And as long as they continue to overly censor the language in the manga, i will not subscribe. if they could do a complete translation without any altering, such as not changing names or words used. meaning "Darn you!" would be "Fuck you!" and soul reaper would be shinigami, i would have nothing against them, but no.

  14. Justitia says:

    Oh, I see your situation. I myself don't have a bigger enough Waterstone's nearby that sell enough Manga so I usually buy it on the Waterstones online store, its free UK delivery too and they have offers on the website that they don't have in store.

    And I guess the demand is still not large enough to have independent Manga stores or for more bookshops to sell them, annoying but understandable.

  15. michael edwards says:

    well where i live the mearst waterstones is about 45miles

  16. Justitia says:

    I'm from the UK too, don't forget Waterstones sell Manga, possibly the only bookshop/place that sells Manga outside an Anime Expo.

  17. Andy C says:

    are mangastream back or what? cause they putting the shoen jump up

  18. punkboy645 says:

    narutospot . net
    you can read the latest manga every week and watch the latest dubbed and subbed naruto episodes you should check it out and review it

  19. Melmel bubbletea says:

    i agree with you they are pretty dump -_-

  20. TheJammydodgerjj says:

    thanks for addressing me

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