A Waste of Space – Dayshell [Lyrics] [HD]

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20 Responses

  1. Maja K says:

    i adore this song

  2. Jyessi Terriaynt says:

    Holy shit this is amazing, dayshell grows on you as you start to understand the songs

  3. Blvke Chvz says:

    What I noticed with OM&M is that ever since Shayley left Austin doesn't scream as much as he did when Shay was with them. That kind of saddens me cuz I miss all of the screams instead of mostly clean vocals and backup screams with the new OM&M

  4. first last says:

    I still love OM&M but they definitely did their best work with Shayley. Glad I can still listen to his beautiful vocals.

  5. Angela Annalese says:

    Sounds like of mice and men

  6. Angel Christine says:

    OMG! I love it!

  7. Sky Dehonor says:

    Dayshell is amazing! Shay is amazing!

  8. Ciara Ashlyn says:

    Shay has the most amazing voice <3

  9. Sweet as Suga says:

    Ugh, Shayley's voice is fucking beautiful.
    Dayshell and Of Mice and Men are both gr8.
    Brb while I cry like a lil bitch ahhh

  10. Mostafa FadL says:

    A better song than this is Motionless in White's "City lights". It's just an opinion. I used to love Shayley back when he was in OM&M. They are nothing without now.

  11. Kaylee Mariah says:

    Shay ;-;

  12. Sarah Jane says:

    Wow…I just love DayShell. I just found them. I wasn't aware Shayley had a new band. This is fantastic(: He has his own music, and it's wonderful!

  13. bill bob says:

    Give's me chills

  14. Bo Zrinski says:

    God, I love shay.

  15. Danielle Hope says:

    Shapely cx

  16. William L says:

    great album  great band

  17. JustLovely says:

    his voice is so beautiful….

  18. horace muniz says:


  19. 1JodieLeanne1 says:

    Holy shit this is good

  20. Greg says:

    Fucking Shayley. I was wondering where he went and I finally found the band he's in <3

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