Amber Rose Hits A Home Run After Flirting With Kevin Durant At Celebrity Baseball Game

Amber Rose At Kevin Durant Celebrity Baseball game

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20 Responses

  1. Tyra Campbell says:

    1:09 Kevin was looking @ her ass like damn my dick would destroy that booty hole????

  2. Le'mari Blue says:

    amber rose low key likes ugly nighas

  3. Myke Kelli says:

    Why she wearing jeans doe?

  4. theramster says:

    Theres a snake in my boot, real nigas know what I got it from and what I mean

  5. Nick Williams says:

    now she wit 21 savage

  6. Sniper Fodder Jetson says:

    why is she even considered a celebrity

  7. Asher Mckayle says:

    Odell Beckham at 1:57

  8. Happy2bFree says:

    People say mean things about Amber Rose but I met her briefly here at Atlanta Airport.She was the sweetest thing ever! I told her she was beautiful and she told me I was too.If she was stuck up and all those things people call her,she wouldn't have shown me that side of her. She smelled very nice as well! ♡

  9. mad maxx1k says:

    I wonder how wizkhalifa feels about every Nigga fuck'n him baby momma

  10. Raymone Lawrence says:

    amber rose I love u girl

  11. Dana M says:

    In my Amber voice hey look at me look at my fake ass thats all I have.. Somebody please snatch me up I need a break. .

  12. j l says:

    y'all find out tha bitch use to b a dude than what ? (fucking faggets)

  13. j l says:

    Hookers are celeb now right.

  14. jim more says:

    she likes balls and bats

  15. New Life Nation says:

    damn baby ???

  16. natanael murga says:

    durant stay way brah I know she got cakes but no no she's a leech.

  17. Tiesha Tucker says:

    Amber Rose ass look soo Fake and deformed lol .you can totally see the silicone go get you refund Girl….

  18. Destination Tarnation says:

    is she a porn star ?

  19. Edson Lapomarede says:

    I have a serious question? Why is she even famous for….? I googled some of her songs I found nothing so what is she famous for?

  20. Matt Havens says:

    use that ass as a catchers mitt. ??

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