Andrés Iniesta ● Masterclass ● 2016/17 HD

The best dribbling skills, passes and goal by Andrés Iniesta for FC Barcelona during the 2016/2017 season. Enjoy!
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● Edited and produced by: Henrik Lehmann

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♫ Music: Tom Day – Peaks (Flame Shapes Rework)

● Clips from: Full games, La Liga

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20 Responses

  1. Henrik Lehmann says:

    Many has requested this video and with exactly half of the season completed I thought it was a good time to release the video of "El Ilusionista", also knows as Don Andrés Iniesta. His phenomenal talent and ability is so beautiful to watch and I couldn't be more proud to have such a wonderful person as a captain. I apologize for the big crop on his goal at the very end, I spent almost the entire Thursday trying to upload this video but UEFA kept blocking it because of that clip. Also 3 uploads in 5 days, how crazy is that? Hope you've enjoyed these videos and I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! <3

  2. Oyuncuların Oyunları says:

    Fak you

  3. SLUHINSCHI says:


  4. Jofre R says:

    forever, Iniesta, Don Andrés iniesta

  5. Ricardo Kaka says:

    He dont wan balon de oro because he is so silent
    silent genius-it about Iniesta

  6. KAYETANO57 ROCK FM says:


  7. ewt415 says:

    Barca NEED to play Iniesta more next season. His time is NOT over

  8. Tadele Basazenew says:

    we are Negroes who worry about negro love.

  9. Anubhab Saha says:

    Wonderful Video ! Absolutely loved it ! Don Andres !!

  10. NOW っち says:


  11. Scrap Mechanic Official says:

    My idole is Iniesta and Xavi. Iniesta is magical, Iniesta is football, Iniesta is love and respect.All respect from Romania for this player

    P.S. In Romania the football is mediocre

  12. Cucu Ca says:

    Watching Iniesta is a joy to the eyes! One of the best ever. Zidane and Iniesta are at pair! Best ever, not even Messi and Ronaldo have ever played the sport like they have done it!

  13. Paolo Rutti says:

    Nunca existira nadie como tú Andrés!! eres unico!! para mi el mejor MD de todos los tiempos?❤️?

  14. Kevin Simons says:

    Love this player. Wow! What a joy to watch. People say he's no good anymore, but he's got more highlights here from this season than a typical midfielder has in a lifetime.

  15. Udaibajwa1 says:

    How in the world are we ever gonna replace him when he retires?Once in a lifetime player undoubtedly.

  16. Ballsogood Sogood says:

    เค้าทำให้ผมรู้จัก FCB

  17. karthi Max says:

    pls do an video on xavi pls

  18. Yan Garcia says:

    Iam a madrid fan but my favorite player ever is don andres iniesta hes just amazing

  19. DUSTED says:

    Give him a ballon dor even if he doesn't deserve it,he deserved in 2010 and wasn't given

  20. TomCL 2000 says:

    Not a popular opinion but I've always thought in his absolute prime he was better than Ronaldo as a player and probably the best midfielder of all time . Messi himself said Iniesta is the only player that continues to utterly amaze him . He is the only player I've ever seen apart of Messi and Maradona to have this insane ability to place the ball in a way which lures a defender in before mesmerisingly snatching it away from him . Incredible balance , unbelievable passing and vision and lethal shots .

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