Apple iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Silicone Case (All Colors): Review

Apple iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Silicone Case (All Colors): Review

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Silicone case comes in 11-colors and I take a look at all of them in this video.


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20 Responses

  1. Threadbanger Fanboy says:


  2. II Ruby II says:

    great video!

  3. 3p1c Ivan says:

    What's a good color for gold iphone

  4. mrtnxzz _ says:

    Got the white one for my silver iphone 6s, it’s arriving next week!

  5. Jordaan Lopez says:

    Are these cases flexible or stiff?

  6. Deniz Akyuz says:

    I think blue is best color

  7. Gregory Stewart says:

    Worth it. I didn't like cases, however changed my mind!m After several drops without any breakage, my iPhone 6s finally decided to fall flat on it's face (on hard tiles). Of course it shattered all over!! Now with a replaced screen, this case is now on!! Thanks @DetroitBORG

  8. Christian Diaz says:

    da white 1 works very well with da silver iphone

  9. Hayley Tolano says:

    Do popsockets stick to these cases??!!

  10. Amer Al-Obaidy says:

    WoW the Colours of silicone case very very nice

  11. WAJIHA NAZIM says:

    i loved the mint green one with a white phone

  12. MARS says:

    can it be with iphone 6?

  13. Fagan Jordan says:

    1:56 "headphone jack" haven't heard that since 2016

  14. Tangy Tangerine says:

    I'm getting the + version this summer.

  15. Lily Childs says:

    I think I got a fake one because mine broke when I got it

  16. Kaylee Robins says:

    my apple store has NO colours like this ???i want the blue and green and pink??

  17. Prasad Kulkarni says:

    gold with the white one and orange with the gold

  18. Princess Paguital says:

    I got an Midnight Blue case for my Rose Gold. It's actually a good combination too. It matches my Apple Watch ⌚️ too.

  19. Siva 99 says:

    Nice color

  20. Enrique Grande says:

    I love my white silicone case

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