Apple Retail Chief Angela Ahrendts: We Will Not Upsell Customers To The iPhone X | CNBC

Apple Retail Chief Angela Ahrendts: We Will Not Upsell Customers To The iPhone X | CNBC

Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s SVP of retail, explains why the company wants you to think of its stores as “town squares”
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Apple Retail Chief Angela Ahrendts: We Will Not Upsell Customers To The iPhone X | CNBC
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20 Responses

  1. Josh Nolan says:

    The X also has slimmer margins lol

  2. M. Qureshi says:

    What a Joke. Tell us about how much you make on the new Dongles each year

  3. GO BIG BLUE 7 says:

    For me personally I'm not looking for a relationship or to learn anything when I go to a Apple store haha I'm simply looking for a product pay for it and then be on my way

  4. David Lim says:

    I can sense that she might be the NEXT APPLE CEO in the line ya! ?

  5. Harlock2day says:

    Wow, you lot really do not like women, except, I guess, for your own entrainment. Her idealistic vision is what has kept Apple fans loyal, they do not just buy a product, they buy reliability, they buy ease of use and, occasional innovation. The last iPhone I had was the 4 and have been using Android ever since. I like tech and Android phones are way more varied and versatile but I fully understand iPhones buyers. Most people with an iPhone I know are very happy and are not interested in tech so they pay extra for reliability. I can fully simpatise when my mid range android grinds to a alt, bug ridden. Yet, I am still sticking to Android somehow as iPhones have not been that innovating until the X. The X with its cost, dodgy face recognition (does anyone need that?) and bump on the top of the screen. I think I will wait to see what iPhone X2 will be like before considering a change.

  6. simon heywood says:

    Apple Bullsh**!!!!!

  7. i love meow meow says:

    We are described as FANS.

  8. Leon Dennis says:

    She seems so nice and sincere,doesn't she?

  9. Tony Wong says:

    she seems so sleazy and fake

  10. zedawing says:

    A+ Bullcrap

  11. koban4max says:

    How come Apple have old people as executives?

  12. Monty de Vere says:

    'Enrich lives'… Hmm…

    Let's see. I spent around £800 on an iPhone 3 years ago. Now it complains that the battery needs changing. I visited and apple store and a 'genius' arrogantly told me I need to change it for around £90. His attitude was – 'surely you will spend that or buy a new iPhone'…

    Is that what a premium device gets you these days? The 'privilege' of spending even more?!!

    I am not a fan boy, just need a device I can rely on – I don't even need to upgrade – I have all the functionality I need! I thought spending on this premium phone will assure I will be able to use it reliably for years – a lot more than 3.

    The latest 'enrichment is, since the upgrade to iOS11, my iphone6 has slowed down considerably. Planned obsolescence is a thing in iOS world!

    I think is time to be 'enriched' by Android! Enough is enough.

    This, Angela, comes not long after switching my trusty old macbook pro for a Dell XPS 15. this is because Apple thinks a £2700 machine with old hardware and poor specs is a professional machine. My Dell is £1000 cheaper and has better capabilities all around, a true professional PC. The macbook pro is just a toy now. An expensive, want to be fashionable one…

    I am afraid Angela is right, owning Apple gear is a now truly a 'fashion', a 'trend'. She sells Apple like Burberry coats.

    That is why this professional will avoid the apple store. I don't have time for purposeless arrogance – I didn't mind it so much when apple had the best gear, at least they had a reason… And I don't care about fashion – I leave that to the coffee shop posers.

    I think the apple peak was achieved a few years back and now we are witnessing the beginning of the decline.

    My apple 'moment' is ending here! I am not 'enriched' anymore, Angela!

  13. Dan Rigsley says:

    We Will Not Upsell Customers To The iPhone X? I call that bull. They took a risk and now the Iphone 8 is failing. Don't worry they'll make it up with X. They are the master of manipulation making you buy that "want" to a "need".

  14. svtrader says:

    She probably a psycho behind closed door meetings with her underlings.

  15. Hase says:

    So I guess I'm a little child, because I chose to stay on my 6.

  16. Agustinus Biotamalo says:

    she is so dumb… Revenue is everything… If Apple is about relationship, tell me if she knows everyone in that room? If not then, it's no a relationship but sales. Sell and eff-off

  17. Barb Bishop says:

    That's a tranny. Height and Hands.

  18. Yuzam Isam says:

    Why is everyone at Apple so old just like their phones.

  19. jojiblue says:

    Angela is a visionary leader that Apple retail needed.

  20. RickP2012 says:

    If anyone wonders what has happened to apple in recent years and why they don't seem to have that spark anymore need look no further………….your grandma has taken over!

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