Auburn Tigers 2017 Spring Football Game | 4-8-2017 | Full Game HD

The Tigers full 2017 spring football game.
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  1. The Real Redneck American says:

    Bama fan here. Auburn looks very good. Iron Bowl should be deciding the West and who will be in the CFB Playoffs. Best of luck to Auburn this year and Roll Tide.

  2. Freedom Riders 1964 says:

    Malzahn's  final season

  3. Devin Pearson says:

    alabama fans are the worst in the country their whole life and self esteem revolves around their football team,their whole self worth.sad

  4. iS1ay says:

    we just gotta be fast off the ball. if we improve that our QB and RBs will be very grateful.

  5. MDPthatsme says:

    As offense (and special team) goes, what I want is better ball security and good hands on our receivers. Last season so many dropped passes that were completely catchable. Those are lost opportunities. If this gets fixed, and our coaches make better judgement plays, we'll have less field goals and more touchdowns, which generally leads to wins. I'm optimistic, but still a lot of time until the games begin.

  6. Jlawrence 90 says:

    I was there for it. War damn eagle!

  7. Lilnuk_ 25 says:


  8. Darian Sallings says:

    Jarrett Stidham is an ATHLETE. He has great touch, a cannon arm, and good mobility. Gus Malzahn just found his starter for the 2017 season

  9. Chris Brock says:

    dead ducks again. RTR!!

  10. Brodie Morrow says:

    the guy doing the half time commentary most have been fucking loaded hahaha.

  11. Avery Estrade says:

    War Eagle

  12. KAJ 1 says:

    woody barrett?

  13. Rebecca Salter says:

    what qb we have is irrelevant! Auburn finally has a qb "coach" that will be the difference. none of auburns QBs have been able to read coverage
    past the first read in the past five years until now. they relied heavily on playaction and throwing to wide open receivers in the past. now they are being coached to make the first, second, and third read and being taught to utilize the check downs with they're running backs. I'm sure laslee's offense wasn't as elementary as it seemed but I do remember Clemson's DC saying he googled how to stop it lol. Lindsey will take these talented players to the next level and you will see more Auburn players drafted on the offensive side of the ball because they are being developed better. #WDE

  14. rfloyd90 says:

    Gonna be a great one on September 9th… can't wait. AU is the class of the SEC, and looks like y'all are going to be the business this season. Glad we'll have you guys on our turf….. gonna be a real tiger fight. :cheers:

  15. Ima bigbitch says:

    the starters versus the backups…= Barner logic …were winning the Championship and getting a heisman just like JJ did

  16. Kris Shirley says:

    looks like a promising team we got this year and man malik looks really good can't wait to see him in another year, and if jf3 can learn the slot Oh man talk about dangerous. definitely gonna be in the title hunt this year.

  17. Marco Polo says:

    Damn, you would think the dumbass Bama fans would be here trolling Auburn. INSTEAD they are on Clemson's spring game talking shit.

  18. CrimsonTide says:

    Awwburn will suck again this year.

  19. Panthers2020 21 says:

    Hey auburn might have a chance to beat Alabama this fall

  20. Vi ctor Byars says:

    Good quarterback play……..could be GREAT if they'd audible effectively ! WAR EAGLE !!!

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