This year’s Ramadan Bazaar has been getting a lot of bad rep for it’s non-Halal food stalls… But that didn’t stop us from scouring the busy lanes to find the BEST HALAL FOOD we can find for EVERYONE to enjoy! 🙂

Check out the reviews of some of these stalls and a lot more here:

And for a more definitive list of Halal-certified and/or Muslim-owned food stalls and information on what constitutes Halal food, you can check out this link:

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Featuring (in order of appearance):
Fauzi Aziz –
Renae Cheng –
Alison Tan

Filmed & Edited By:
Jeslene Chia –

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20 Responses

  1. Jordan 406 says:

    If i go to a 'Ramadan Bazaar' i expect everything to be halaal. The Singapore authorities need to catch any seller there selling non-halal food because this is deception.

  2. Vanessa Adriaansz says:

    Love the spontaneous reaction! ?

  3. Joseph Lee says:

    When alison say there's so much for it sound like the ndp song

  4. Fina Sal says:

    Loved the vid! Do checkout my Singapore vs Malaysia Ramadhan Bazaar 2017 vlog!

  5. Kin Mun says:

    The guest on this episode is so boring. No expression.

  6. Ocean Lim says:

    And I'm sitting in my room at 1am drooling ?

  7. Joycelyn Eng says:

    i went there already is were are paya laybar

  8. Intxn Nxdhrxh says:

    wtf how the guy spoon floating sia

  9. Kagome says:

    2:38! Floating noodles!

  10. mylovebigbang says:


  11. Zxcvbnm Mnbvcxz says:

    "Seafood is my favourite" rates taco higher than seafood HAHAHAHAHA

  12. RAB JR 11 says:

    where u live i wish i can see u i live at yishun

  13. RAB JR 11 says:

    i saw my self in there i saw him there too

  14. MegaRed Kenta Date says:

    chey! never bring chio bu to present.

  15. Ai Li says:

    Omg is that a tattoo on Fauzi hand

  16. Tiana Naomi says:

    I like how tsl does somehow a different video then the rest like they do reviews on stores that wasn't reviewed if you get what I mean HAHAH so ya I love the content tsl produce:)

  17. Nur Afiqah says:

    girl from softnade is so pretty 😉

  18. marina basri says:

    fauzi is islam meh?he drank beer (?) wait whaaaa..t

  19. Irieora Gallenta says:

    C'mon anyone know the Jazz song used in this video? :<

  20. Danial Izwan says:

    fauzi loves foooood

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