BIG VOLUME QUIFF – Mens Haircut & Hairstyle Trend 2017 Tutorial

BIG VOLUME QUIFF – Mens Haircut & Hairstyle Trend 2017 Tutorial. Yo Guys its my first mens hair 2017 video and what a way to start it with a Big volume quiff hairstyle / mens hair trend 2017. This week I set my mate up Jorge with my barber to make you guys another mens haircut video, and as you can tell by the title its a Quiff haircut 2017 / Mens quiff tutorial. As always If you have any comments to leave me about the mens quiff 2017 hairstyle or any general ones leave them below. Let me know what you think about the mens haircut 2017 / 2017 quiff hairstyle.


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S N A P C H A T : JakeSmith91r

Skin Fade Pompadour details:

Thanks to Jack The Clipper in Brick Lane Shoreditch for teaming up with me to make this happen.
Shop Address: 178b Brick Lane, London E1 6SA

T W I T T E R – @jtcbarbers
I N S T A G R A M – @jacktheclipperbarbers
W E B S I T E –

Hope you guys enoy the skin fade pompadour

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20 Responses

  1. Nitin Jangir says:

    thats good

  2. Hector Miguel Cruz says:

    Where are they located?

  3. AMIR.H Heidary says:

    very very good

  4. Shilpi Jain says:

    these hairs are soft and the hair spray is of which company

  5. VLØG Ï CØÑ says:

    can it's soot on Indian mans

  6. Sandeep Sippy says:

    Cating prices

  7. Justin Herrera says:

    what kind of hairwax do you use?

  8. treanding in hindi says:

    what is the cost of it

  9. Aģani źalamia b Dârija says:

    wow ch7al titiz had zmer

  10. Kyle Cabello says:

    anyone know the hair measurements???

  11. KA arts says:

    my hair is thin and is so flat.. any advice??

  12. Swaleh Munmun says:

    Very nice

  13. Vishal Sharma says:

    nice look

  14. Alex Khan says:

    This Jack the clipper is in brick lane. Absolute brilliant barbers to go to as they have been around for a very long time. I have been going there for about 3 years. Started off at their Toynbee st branch then they opened up one in brick lane as it was more closer to me. I recommend anyone who wants to go there have a cheeky beer on arrival and sit back and get your Barnet done. They have more branches as there's one in Mayfair, Brick lane, Toynbee st, a new store in Bow lane ec4 and a few others. But peeps if u want a good haircut check them out it's worth it. Prices start from about £26 upwards!

  15. Blu Maan says:

    How long is his hair?

  16. Vaibhav Mendhwade says:

    my hair is thin for getting thik hair what should I do ?

  17. Prem Baviskar says:

    medium haircut for school boys

  18. Harshal Bhagat says:

    nice HAIRSTYLE

  19. Asraful islam says:


  20. Asraful islam says:


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