Bill Cosby – Himself [napisy PL]

Bill Cosby - Himself [napisy PL]

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20 Responses

  1. anthonygreen19ag says:

    We don't know what happened they just use him for the money

  2. David Gentry says:

    If he really raped those women, why did it take 10 years to come forward? I don't believe the women. They're just looking for a payday.

  3. Randomness R Us says:

    One sentence to describe my life:
    Only you understand me, toilet bowl.

  4. mike dakota says:

    i personally am glad the jury was dead locked. hopefully they will let it go and not try him again. it's odd in my mind that so many women came forward many yr's after the fact. their claims can't be backed up. too much time has lapsed, and any evidence, if any is long gone. can't find a man guilty based on just on what they say.

  5. Neil Parga says:

    someone has to kill this nigger rapist

  6. bleep77 says:

    I don't care what anybody says or believes about Bill Cosby, he was one of the greatest comedians in history, and this stand-up movie is one of my all-time favorites.

  7. Da Lime says:

    "parents don't care about Justice! they want QUIET!!"

    no truer words have ever been spoken

  8. Djizzle96 says:

    All the stuff his done, made people laugh tried to do alot for the black community and the world turns on him big time. As soon as he tries to buy NBC these allegations came about,
    This is a great person and comedian and it's a shame that he is now going to be remembered by others as a serial rapist.

  9. CM Simmons says:

    Sex and Drugs don't mix!!! Prostitute's and Hollywood don't mix!!

  10. Kevin Williams says:

    $17,000 FOR A F***ING FERRARI!?!?!

  11. DEA1230TV says:

    Bill Cosby is not guilty.

  12. Fusion Tide says:

    That dentist bit killed me: "Smobke! Smobke!"
    "Smobke! Smobke! Smobke! There is some smobke, combing out of my mouth!"
    "I don't understand."
    "*rols eyes* FIYAH!"

  13. Crimson Wolf says:

    Liked him better as a comedian then…u know

  14. Grouchomx says:

    Rapist or no rapist he is F'in brilliant!

  15. ForcefulSpace 7 says:

    turn on captions lol

  16. Satanic DevilMan says:

    it's just not the same anymore …..?

  17. Bill Cosby says:

    I don't remember half these jokes. But that's more than my lady friends remember.

  18. kenterminatedbygoogle says:

    Say what you want about Bill. If he didn't do what he did to those women, Bill would be considered to be the best storyteller in comedy.
    Now, I don't think people would consider Bill to be one of the best (certainly not women).
    Women, what do u think???

  19. Tartarus Bankai says:

    One of the most striking aspects of Bill Cosby is how smart and eloquent he is. He doesn't need to use foul language.

  20. aristotlestudent says:

    Bill used that sense of humor to relax friends…who were females…
    His wife would leave the room and then Ole Bill played his version of the "knock out game."

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