Bow Wow – Like You ft. Ciara


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    I ain’t neva had nobody show me all the things that you done showed me
    And the special way I feel when you hold me
    We gone always be together baby that’s what you told me
    And I believe it (Cause I ain’t neva had nobody do me like u)

    Now I done been with different kind of girls
    Like I done seen em all but ain’t none of them at all (like u)
    And I done seen the best of the best
    Baby still I ain’t impressed cause ain’t none of them at all (like u)
    If you know how I feel when I chill
    If I’m seen with a girl then she gotta be just (like u)
    And baby that’s the way I feel
    And I got no choice but for me to keep it real
    Cause when we first got together started hanging out you was
    Skeptical at first had to figure out if
    I was the kind of guy to try to dog you out but
    I ain’t that kind of guy you tried to make me out
    You found out when you turned into my baby
    I showed them other brothers how to treat a lady
    I let you drive when I ride that Mercedes
    And I ain’t trippin or actin shady cause baby you kno
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