BTS w/ JoJo Siwa, the Cast of Henry Danger & Many More | Kids’ Choice Awards 2017 | Nick

Your favorite Nick stars (Jace Norman, Jack Griffo, Kira Kosarin, Riele Downs, Lizzy Greene, Casey Simpson, JoJo Siwa, Cree Cicchino, Benjamin Flores Jr., Thomas Kuc, Ricardo Hurtado, Jade Pettyjohn, Sean Ryan Fox) are getting ready for the slimiest and surprisiest pop culture event of the year! Go behind the scenes as they prepare for this year’s Kids’ Choice Awards with epic challenges! Check them out as they crash, draw, and slime their way through some awesome Kids’ Choice games! And catch the Kids’ Choice Awards Saturday, March 11th at 8/7c on Nick!

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20 Responses

  1. Athaya Syarifa says:

    who else saw thomas imitatingjojo when she was on the bumpercar

  2. Joana. Koala says:

    the moment you Realize BTS was actually standing for behind the scenes not just Bangtan the reason I clicked on this video ??

  3. the anime Gaming. club says:

    im here because of i saw bts in the title but no bts just them behind the scenes. :

  4. My TaeBae says:

    I thought it was the other BTS ?

  5. Yoongi Infires me says:

    So in this video BTS means BEHIND THE SCENES… Raise ur hands if you Armys thinks it's our boys BTS ?

  6. 태태 :v says:

    BTS? ;V

  7. Jenessa's Reviews says:

    When I saw bts I was thinking the b stands for behind, the t stands for the and the s rands for slime instead of scenes lol 🙂

  8. Lady JPanda says:

    0:30 Thomas and Jack and Benjamin just video bombing LOL

  9. Kim Kazaluckas says:

    ABC please show molar funny stuff everything is not fun stuf

  10. Marcus Acosta Films 2007 VGCP says:








    Please Reply My Comment To Choose

  11. Celine Enabu says:

    Jojo is not my favorite nick star

  12. Gaming Girl 709 says:

    if only jada and ricardo were just friends so that jade and ricardo could go out like if you agree

  13. Meet The LEGO says:

    Cree and thomas

  14. Theresa Pineda says:

    jojo siwa and thomas kuc ??

  15. magaly gutierrez says:

    Violetta Lopez gutierrez cigoj

  16. magaly gutierrez says:

    Violetta Lopez gutierrez cigo

  17. magaly gutierrez says:

    Violetta Lopez gutierrez cigo

  18. magaly gutierrez says:

    Violetta Lopez gutierrez

  19. magaly gutierrez says:

    Violetta Lopez gutierrez

  20. magaly gutierrez says:

    Violetta Lopez gutierrez

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