Caitriona Balfe accepts the BAFTA Scotland 2016 award for Actress Television [RUS SUB]

Благодарственная речь Катрины Балф на церемонии награждения BAFTA Scotland 2016

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4 Responses

  1. xxCLICKINGxx ONE-MAN-ARMY says:

    Without blowing my own trumpet. I'm a fairly strong willed person with minimum room for emotion 2kids and a fantastic missus. I watched Faith episode on my own last night and succumb to a heavy heart, lump in throat and weld up eyes. Catriona was magnificent and deserves every good fortune coming her way.

  2. heilSam.Music - Composer says:

    Very sympathic like everytime!
    Does someone know the song that's played while she's walking up?

  3. Kimber Maurine says:

    FINALLY!! Caitriona Balfe is so deserving of any and all awards that come her way. She came to OUTLANDER as a fine, fine actress, but by the time the "Faith" episode came along, she was just magnificent! So now, indeed, it is time for Sam Heughan to not only be nominated, but awarded all over their place. Period. As Catriona said, "You're only as good as your partner!". He is one hell of a partner. Period. And while they're at it, the show, costumes and music need to start being awarded for their exceptional and vital contributions to TV excellence!!

  4. ShariG says:

    Lovely. Hope one day the awards folks will recognize how much Sam Heughan deserves even greater recognition than a nomination. He brings out the best in everyone around him, and is an amazing actor. Congratulations to Caitriona Balfe for a wonderful performance in "Faith".

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