Collective Blanket

Collective Blanket
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Os invito a todas/os los tejedores a participar en la construcción de una colcha colectiva y solidaria.
Cada participante tejererá uno (o más si quiere) de los cuadrados que forman la mantita.

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The blanket project is on! 🙂

What’s that?
– Each participant will knit one 10 x 10 cm square, which will be part of a collective blanket.
If you want to make more than one square, fine!
– The measurement of the finished blanket will be 130 x 160 cm.
– We need 208 squares altogether.
– Squares must be wool-made, using crocheting or knitting techniques.
– There is no delivery deadline. We don’t demand any minimum quality. We accept fool stitches, knots and patches. On this sense, the only requirement to participate it’s having a good heart and the wishes for sharing it.
– You can choose the colour, kind of wool, needle number.
– Once the blanket is finished, it will be raffled and money raised will be donated to charity or to a NGO, that will be elected by participants. (An spanish NGO)
– I’ll publisn on my blog a picture of each received square and the process of purchase of raffle tickets will be done in a public manner too.
– I’ll weave all squares as they are arriving. I’ll put my heart into the needlework. It’s the first time I sew and finish off such a big thing so I can’t promise the blanket has a perfect shape!
It’s already perfect on its content and meaning (thanks very much to those people that have already written me!).
– Participants in the tailoring of the blanket are NOT required to buy any raffle tickets. I’ve thought we can set two different prizes to the tickets: a normal one and other one a bit cheaper for people that contributed to weaving the blanket.
– Tickets payment will be done through PayPal. If somebody hasn’t any PayPal account, lives in Spain, wants to buy a ticket, we can do it through bank transfer.
– Bear in mind this is a project of solidarity and you won’t probably win any material thing in exchange for.
– For knowing my address or if you have any doubt or if you have any sugerence or idea to improve this project -I’m sure I’ve forgotten something- write me to

Thanks again to those people have already joined. Each one of you it’s a honey teaspoonful to the World.
Let’s start knitting!