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Ankanpoikanen, joka kuoriutui Stockmannin herkusta ostetusta ankanmunasta. Katso haudontaohjeet -sivulta. Muna laitettiin itsetehtyyn hautomakoneeseen. Nyt ankanpoikanen asustaa kanantipujen kanssa. Katso lisää eläin-, kana- ja ankkajuttuja Ranch Dunkelin sivulta Tavataan siellä 🙂 Video...


I Love YOO Trailer

Read the comic for FREE: Or download the app here: Android: iOS: Dogged by pain and misfortune from the very beginning, Shin-Ae decides she wants nothing to do with people nor anything to...


Legion of Heroes | Abyssal Inferno Floor 23 Guide

IGN: MikeCoco Guild: Fortiori ►More Gun Reviews: ►Previous Game & Event Updates: ►Nexun be trolling: ►Unbelievables!: Intro made by: Intro song: Feint – Laurence – Music provided by...


Saharan Dust on the Move

Saharan Dust on the Move Image by NASA Goddard Photo and Video A piece of Africa—actually lots of them—began to arrive in the Americas in June 2014. On June 23, a lengthy river of...

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