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Self-Serving Bias

The self-serving bias causes us to see things in ways that support our best interests and our pre-existing points of view. For free teaching and learning resources related to this topic, visit This...


PainfulPvP Click TEST!

Click Test Website : Enter in the comments below what score you got! If you enjoyed this random ass video, make sure to hulk smash that like button xD!


The Werewolf Transformation

The Werewolf Transformation Image by Jason Carpenter This was taken on a great Mentor Series Trek. A recent comment on this photograph has made me review my description (ty ‘B’). This national monument name...


We Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone Image by bmalarky Some interesting facts and assumptions to consider: 1) The closest star to our solar system, Proxima Centauri, is just over 4 light years away. 2) It is...


10 Amazing Facts About Indonesia

Here are some facts about Indonesia that you need to know ********************************************* SUBSCRIBE: ********************************************* HOSTED BY: Dave Walpole: ********************************************* MY OTHER CHANNELS: FTD News: DailyList: DailyBreak TV:


Jung Would Have Approved

Jung Would Have Approved Image by meeralee None of us is inclined to take the message literally, but a smile passes around the table. It’s impossible not to smile. A pregnant woman has just...

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