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It looked liked the light was just falling off harshness when I decided to snap this image. I attached my Gorilla Pod (great accessory for travel) to the other end of the pier and shot 6 exposures going a little dark for one of them (-3)

Post in Photomatix for the tone-mapping and then into CS5 for levels, vibrancy and subtle vignette, along with defogging and final image sizing and sharpening and denoising. The put into Topaz Adjust as i wanted to pop the details in the wood a bit more.

After that I brought into Aperture for final processing in Nik Viveza to bring out the reflection in the window across the way. Then into Nik Color Efx for a warming filter to accentuate the softening light.

I did play with Nik Silver Efx and the B@W would definitely be cool, but I thought the color gave the best emotional impact here.

iTunes 12 Tutorial + Tips & Tricks

iTunes 12 Tutorial + Tips & Tricks

There are a lot of changes in iTunes 12. Some of them we love… and others not so much, but in this tutorial we’ll make sense of it all. In this class we’ll cover how to create playlists, use the genius feature, tricks to store your tunes in the cloud (or off your computer), and a lot more.

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