Cenegenics Cost Was Very High | Member Story

Cenegenics Cost Was Very High | Member Story

About 4 years ago, this HealthGAINS member noticed a problem with his health. He was irritable, had no energy, became more and more tired, and had no drive to do the things he loves. http://goo.gl/agJLy9

When speaking to his doctor about his symptoms, they were of no help, he said “that’s just the way it is” when you’re over 60.

So then he looked into testosterone treatments. Once he started testosterone therapy with HealthGAINS, he dropped 35 pounds, had more energy for exercise, and felt like he did in his 20’s.

Cenegenics Cost Information:

A Lower Cost Alternative to Cenegenics ®

Cenegenics Cost

Cenegenics Cost

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