Cheryl Blossom | Queen Bee.

Cheryl Blossom | Queen Bee.

“I know what you need Cheryl”

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►tv show: riverdale
►coloring: by jane´sxwonderland
No copyright infringement intended.
I own nothing except the editing. All contents belong to their rightful owners.

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20 Responses

  1. badge poeme99363 says:

    I love her sow much ! My goddess cheryl ??

  2. Kasmelfac123 says:

    Can you please tell me what app you use to make this?! It's so amazing???

  3. Kasmelfac123 says:

    This edit slayyyysss??

  4. lunakid12 says:

    I freaking love her.

  5. Fjolla Tahiri says:


  6. Antonino Alongi says:


  7. Alice Griek says:

    She's like lydia in the 1/2 seasons of tw

  8. newxromantic says:

    Someone on a private Riverdale fangroup that I follow on facebook, has stolen this video and hasn't credited you. If you would like to join that group and report it, here's the link…

  9. Dasia Willis says:

    River vixens won't be the same with Veronica

  10. Random Things says:


  11. Anastasia V says:

    Cheryl is the most amazing character on Riverdale?
    This is beautiful❤️

  12. Chillio says:

    I remember her from the comments.

  13. stormborn stark says:

    I love this bitch so much ugh

  14. Fantasy World says:

    god i love her so much

  15. Person Anon says:

    I absolutely love her and wished she received more love

  16. VixenSummit Station says:

    My fav out of the girl's are Cheryl And Veronica I really HATE Betty….

  17. skye winchester says:


  18. Nikki Van Dijken says:

    She reminds me of Lydia martin??

  19. Therese Nanoh says:

    I love Cheryl!!!

  20. Gleidson Santos says:


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