Common Sense And Business Communication

The greatest compliment you can give another human being it to listen to them. This shows by the massive color, which is created. When I was a manager with a large life insurance company, he was one of my agents.
Most entrepreneurs wonder why after they have set up their business, it seems to stall after a few good years. They seem to get stuck. It seems like the more effort they put in, the more the business seems to stagnate. Their major mistake is that they try to establish their business with the same strategies they used when they started the business.

Terms and Conditions of Payment (Do not assume that the clients /customers know when they need to pay. Tell them in bold writing when they are expected to pay. You can use different wording, but you have to be clear on the credit period. For example, you can say, ‘Payment due 14 days from the date of invoice’, or ‘Payment due on 14/02/2012’. This clause on your invoice is very important if you need to chase payment through the collection agency or the court system).

If your request is refused could you not ask to be excused half way through or get permission to attend half way through? Again, you’d have a genuine reason to show how you can do more to help your boss or client or department in the time when you won’t attend.

Twitter uses hashtags. It also has desktop and smart-phone apps like TweetDeck that allow you to identify and connect with others with similar interests. To see how hastags work just do a twitter search for #CPA to tune into the conversation that CPAs are having. Facebook makes it easier. Just search for groups with appropriate interests and you’ll get access to plenty of other users. You’ll find tons of diverse groups with highly specialized interests. There are groups dedicated to start-up businesses, entrepreneurs, and just about every specific industry. You may also find some useful advice for running your business in groups dedicated to accounting. There’s health care for accountants, support groups, and firms that are shifting their business model to cloud computing.

Shipping costs/delivery charges (Often these costs are charged separately from the product and are additional cost. Make sure they are listed separately and itemized for a clear overview. If they are “thrown in the deal”, make sure you still include them and marked them as an added bonus with the charge marked as nil. This is a great way to show your customer the value he is getting).

You’ve been pretty interactive with your fans, in the sense of not secluding yourself isolated in some sort of self-imposed ivory tower. You’ve been signing autographs after your shows, and you’re even a featured player, on a cruise to Ocho, Rios, Jamaica and Georgetown, Grand Cayman.

I bet we’ve all heard of poeple who sold their companies for millions and then start a new business from scratch. That is the spirit and that is why they seem to be forever successful.

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