Cool Baker Magic Mixer Cupcakes and Brownies Frosting Dessert Maker Playset Fast & Easy No Baking!

Cool Baker Magic Mixer Cupcakes and Brownies Frosting Dessert Maker Playset Fast & Easy No Baking!

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20 Responses

  1. Donavon Richard says:

    I have that my dad brought that for me for Christmas

  2. Nursyafisha Basirah Muhamad Shahrilkkookhhuh says:

    i love it this video so fun!

  3. Dung Nguyen says:

    có ai là người Việt nam ko?

  4. B Diaz says:

    I wish I could have some

  5. B Diaz says:

    that's looks great and my favorite cupcakes are red velvet they are so good you should try it

  6. Clara Putri says:


  7. medina thabri says:

    My faforite frosting is stroberry????

  8. Fani Afdillah says:

    bagus banget

  9. Bintang Timur says:

    so good

  10. Jalisia Thompson says:


  11. Shannon Gardner says:

    my favorite frosting id chocolate

  12. Bella Jaksa says:

    my brother would like you to make more videos of you making stuff like that so can you make more videos of you making things

  13. Bella Jaksa says:

    good job

  14. Fadi Khatb says:

    ةلتر رتللر تر?

  15. Magdi Nemeth says:

    i would

  16. Kayla Leon says:

    white frosting

  17. Kayla Leon says:

    vanilla cake

  18. Shannen Wong says:


  19. Aisha Shayna Pascual says:

    i love the chocolate cupcake!!! yum yum

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