Deer vs Dog and Cat with voiceover YouTube

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  1. irene oliver says:

    Is that dog ok?

  2. Tragiic Marsyn says:


  3. javier Gleek says:

    the voiceover when she attacked the dog was funny

  4. Roosevelt Wolfe says:

    Lmao!!!! Never gets old

  5. justsomeawesome dude says:

    Where do they live to have dear in there neighborhood? I would really want live in such place.

  6. justsomeawesome dude says:

    Why did the dear attack the dog? He was just chilling ?!

  7. justsomeawesome dude says:

    Dear: freaking pussy.
    Cat: exactly what I am.

  8. Gawdly Shooter says:


  9. Harper Awn says:

    I was like "GO DEAR!" at 1:20. ?? Even though the dog did nothing. She should have done it to the cat. It's hilarious! ?

  10. Pontiac Fan says:

    This is torcher this is not funny watching this bull shit>:(

  11. Justice Dales says:

    omfg is that dog ok

  12. Jeremiah Monasmith says:

    I'm so sorry but it's funny because the voices

  13. Roger Sterling says:


  14. DIIVAS ART says:


  15. SemI PauG says:


  16. Corey Levine says:

    dogs and wolf had been killing deers for millions of years that why she attack the dog

  17. CashFirstDraa says:


  18. Dr. Youtube says:

    good job protecting yo baby!

  19. malik dieuveuil says:

    he slapped his stupid ass he called him a fucking pussy

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