Digital Music Distribution: CD Baby vs. Tunecore vs. Onerpm vs. DistroKid – 2015

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There are a lot of digital distributors to choose from. Some seem better than they actually are, otherwise are better than they actually seem. This video runs down everything you need to know to make a decision.

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Head to head comparison of Cd Baby, Tunecore, Distrokid, ONErpm, and Reverbnation
Guide to How to Pick a Digital Distributor

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20 Responses

  1. Kristijan Nokaj says:

    This statistic is very good!
    It helped me to make the decision …
    Now i know which "cow" I'm going to marry 🙂

  2. Calypso The Poet says:

    Thank you for this❤️??

  3. InTACTProduction says:

    Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to do this!!!

  4. Vier Sterne Deluxe says:

    Im on cd baby and come from Germany/Europe so there are some problems with the contact time and sometimes phone costs. Also they Chance some things when they look on the album when it comes to non English songnames. Sometimes they change it to not existing words or send you a mail with "something is wrong with your Songnames" and don't say or mark what songnames are mean. I must call them. Same with the cover. Also the Claimings are sometimes weird. Cause the videos of my songs on my Canal are claimed and they knew that this is my chanal. That annoys

  5. dontdodissbliz says:

    Can i switch from lets say tunecore to real cd comoany?

  6. thelastadvance says:

    I'm a very young and inexperienced musician, and I just want to get my music on streaming platforms and iTunes. My budget would be VERY limited and I would prefer direct deposit. What is your recommendation?

  7. King Pryme says:

    i think songcast is good too

  8. Jesse Florizone says:

    Best Video I've Ever Watched In my LIFE

  9. GemmaDoyleOfficial says:

    Thank you for your guidance with this Curtis, your videos are fantastic! I am both a live cover music entertainer and an original artist, am I able to sell my album which features both covers and originals, across these platforms? Gemma x

  10. Siyabong Mkabela says:

    This video is awesome. Thanks

  11. Buddha Art Sprech3r says:

    out of onerpm and cdbaby who pushes you to more stores and platforms ?

  12. Jerry Tom says:

    Nice job

  13. Lokid says:

    thank you for the video buddy. Helpful

  14. Paul Benninger says:

    Thanks for the great comparison. I think it boils down to if you have an established fan base and you know you can sell enough to make the $50/year/album then use tunecore or Distrokid otherwise if you are starting out and just testing the waters use cdbaby or Onerpm.  I'm sure you can cancel one and move to another if your situation changes.

  15. don dotta says:

    thanks. I appreciated this. I went with CD Baby but your research reassured me that I made the right decision for my particular situation.

  16. Akoli Cruz says:

    Amazing comparison! I found It very helpful. Here is one question I'm struggling to find an anwer on:

    I have untill now used Tunecore to distribute music on spotify etc…
    I would like to distribute my upcomming single through Onerpm, and have it land on the same spotyfy channel. How would I go about doing this?

    Thanks for anyone reading this and replying

  17. robyn steward says:

    Brillant video

  18. Samuel Ray says:

    very helpful

  19. AriD2385 says:

    Thanks for a great overview! ?

  20. lilROBofU.P.T. 1 TAKE MAFIA says:

    Man i dont normally comment on videos but how the hell can you give one rpm a 100% when they take 100% a the artists royalties ?. ……of course they're gonna give your free production time when they own 100% of your royalties smh. Maybe you didnt mean to say that but you did

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