Disconnected Undercut – Popular Slick Back Hairstyle Tutorial By BluMaan – Mens Hair 2017

Disconnected Undercut : Popular Slick Back Hairstyle Tutorial By BluMaan – Mens Hair 2017 . Yo what’s going down guys so today’s video I have a special guest and friend BluMaan who’s showing us a slick back hairstyle with a disconnected undercut, his channel is linked in the description box along with links to his new products. So yeah his men’s undercut really does compliment his Mens slick back hairstyle. So aswell as this video being a Mens slick back tutorial I hope this gives you inspiration to potentially get a Mens undercut hairstyle as a undercut hairstyle is very popular. His new product will really help you get a Mens slick back if you desire one, if you’ve enjoyed the video today and want to give me any feedback comment below. Hope you guys liked the Mens undercut tutorial / slick back tutorial .

UPDATE! POMADE IS NOW FOR SALE AT https://blumaan.com

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18 Responses

  1. I'm Savage says:

    Who else tryna look like G-Eazy? ?

  2. iammandiplamichhane says:

    how did you get that hair style jake?? looks good

  3. HC BOI says:

    That's not disconnected

  4. benjamin says:

    we're gonna make a hit video. And then we're gonna suck each other off..

  5. Daani - says:

    Can i do it with a wax too?

  6. Anthony Summers says:

    :34 through :44 lmfao

  7. NCR Gunslinger says:

    volume puffier hairstyles aka THE FUCKBOI

  8. Nazri Idris says:

    griezmann? is that you?

  9. Ping Leong says:

    hi joe, how long did the hair in front of you stay?

  10. Soepmonster96 says:

    Hahaha that moment with the music????

  11. hojimitown says:

    That's great hair

  12. Sausagecunt says:

    he looks like that one guy at my school that tried to sell me pot for 5$

  13. Yuri Julian says:

    corte de mafioso

  14. Pocnit says:

    Hair was perfect before applying pomade!

  15. Indalecio Pruneda De La Cruz says:

    these dudes are fags

  16. Mijo Cee says:

    Can that Hold Chin length hair?

  17. tank 943 says:

    fucking hell my hair looks like a porcupine when I do this

  18. CyberHumor says:

    You look cool bro

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