Dragon Ball Multiverse Chapters 18 And 19: Bojack Ends Gohan! Bardock Vs Raditz (Fan Manga Review)

Dragon Ball Multiverse brings us along a NEW adventure as every universe gathers for a Multiverse Tournament involving every race, fighter and fusion from the past, present and future! Our heroes are faced with dangers of losing as they come across Broly, Cell, Buu, Frieza and others! Join me as we review this Dragon Ball fan manga and take a brief look inside as we witness every universe collide! Subscribe for more!

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20 Responses

  1. UnrealEntGaming says:

    Dragon Ball Multiverse Chapters 16 And 17: Cell Destroys Gohan! Vegito's Plan (Fan Manga Review) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AG9NaAfqzw

  2. Lawrence Kpokou says:

    I assume that they wiil become gogeta and fight Vegito  11:40

  3. LSSJGod says:

    That wasn't even the reason Toriyama didn't fight he didn't fight because he realized that Dr. Raichi was one of his creations and knew he was going to lose

  4. LSSJGod says:

    Universe 13 Raditz has seen a Super Saiyan before both Universe 13 Vegeta and Universe 13 Kakarot are Super Saiyan 2s

  5. Gotenksu says:

    The art was so utterly completely totally shit. worst Multiverse chapter

  6. speedfreak Daniel says:

    Alex, art is different in pretty much every side story outside of the tournament, Gohan vs Cell was an exception, but other than that, the art changes in all these parallel stories

  7. Erik Mudd says:

    raditz said oh fuck ???

  8. YaBoyUub says:

    4 ads? Sorry but you getting hit with the ADBLOCK

  9. SubarashiiFTW says:

    Vegeta gets taken down by uncannon bad villian (gone wrong)

  10. just saying says:

    how strong do you think is king cold UnrealEntGaming

  11. Goku Black says:

    I wish in that universe I was In super sayian rose 4 form

  12. Goku Black says:

    666 likes wow

  13. Ghosts Monkey185 says:

    my Awesome Xbox one and my Awesome Xbox one games and my Awesome soon PS4 and my Awesome soon PS4 games and more ?? SSSniperWolf and more coming in the future soon ?? ? and SUBSCRIBE to my channel and can't wait to see my dad in August ??? and girls ?

  14. *Mega Mew Two Y Hunter * says:

    This is NOT the DBZ art style, not even close

  15. FCBrock 101 says:

    This story is so messed up, I dont even understand it anymore lol??

  16. Joshua Buckner says:

    I think Goku could have killed Bojack with the super kaioken or the spirit bomb

  17. The Strong says:

    No matter how much this videl trained if she has z sword or kaioken I don't buy that fucking king cold (who is actually ginyu) who also trained during the years needs to transform to defeat her, salagir just doesn't like frieza and his family and keeps humiliating them making them as weak as pieces of shit compared to everyone else and I strongly disagree with him. Fucking videl shouldn't be above oozaru vegeta saiyan saga even after all the training she did considering how weak she is in dbz. And besides it is impossible that fucking weak humans have such big results through training but king cold remained so weak to that point that even after having trained for years and unlocked two new forms he is only at perfect cell level he should be at those levels with his full powered final form already. Fuck salagir just because he doesn't care about certain characters he treats them like shit even if it doesn't make any sense. At least we have super where frieza's character can (literally) shine again, cause before that fucking toei animation's fillers, OAVs and DB gt used to make him and king cold look like a joke in the common knowledge and these are the results: people who make fan made manga where videl is stronger than frieza and can match king cold just cause she trained. gtfo

  18. John Chena says:

    I'm not syprised GOHAN died he needs to dodgeeeee!

  19. Valkris84KT says:

    The "Specials' or back story chapters on how or, what caused each Universe to come into existence are done by guest artist…needless to say wait till you get further into the story the art can get really weird. Also King Cold has a secrete

  20. Larry Souriyavong says:

    the bojack artwork sucks dragonballs!

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