Elizabeth Banks Apologizes to Steven Spielberg After Calling Him Out | THR News

Elizabeth Banks Apologizes to Steven Spielberg After Calling Him Out | THR News

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Elizabeth Banks messed up, and she is very sorry.

Those are the words Banks used in a tweet posted Thursday afternoon, a lengthy apology directed at Steven Spielberg and anyone offended by her comments on Tuesday night from the podium at Women in Film’s Crystal + Lucy Awards, where she claimed Spielberg had never directed a film featuring a female lead.

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19 Responses

  1. Dani says:

    Why can't she just say thank you.

  2. That Guy says:


  3. Bubbagunooch says:

    She's Raising future cucks. Poor kids.

  4. firdaus bin abd muttalib says:

    a bimbo by any other name is still a bimbo, sheesh

  5. Rainer S. says:

    my respect for her is gone

  6. Wedge Antilles says:

    Yeah, it's pretty embarrising when the moviegoers knows more about movies than the person who's making them. But she apologised for her ignorance regarding her profession.

  7. Shamelesscritique1 says:

    "We are sending messages out into the world"
    Yeah blatantly false and divisive ones…

  8. thomasthaott says:

    puke. verbal puke everywhere

  9. Aussieroth7 says:

    No no no, people weren't "offended" by the comment, people were INSULTED! Banks is so much smarter than that! How could she drop the ball so carelessly? Well, at least she apologized.

  10. Captain Oblivious says:


  11. Lance Goodthrust says:

    Elizabeth Banks was criticizing Spielberg. You know, for aging actress who hasn't had a lot of screen time, she's got balls. Hollywood is a small club and even pushing that feminist shit can go so far. Know your role sweetheart.

  12. John Duwe says:

    Elizabeth Banks has two boys…I weep for them when they get to adulthood and they have to function in the real world…Their going to be so pussy whipped…

  13. DesTroyazoid says:

    I actually liked Elizabeth Banks. Always enjoyed her over the top roles in Hunger Games and Power Rangers, but that was a bitch move on her part! Here's hoping she finds some sort of redemption.

  14. i SkyWalKing says:

    She had to apologize to the Zionist propaganda machine….got it.

  15. chris cox says:

    Yeah right she sorry.

  16. Fadi Qasim says:

    White feminism smh…

  17. brizanna33 says:

    You were talking about recent films but shouted out his film "Jaws"?… yeah.. sure Jan.. ?

  18. Gaddy217 says:

    she could've just accepted the award but nope.. had to but her foot into her mouth..

  19. Mrs Howard says:

    White feminists be like…..

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