Emergeny – Jesus Son

Working in The ER – Denis Johnson
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  1. Evel Convivial says:

    This is just the first part of Denis Johnson's short story Emergency. I prefer the text version (available online at Narrative magazine) and the audio version as a backup (available at The New Yorker Fiction podcast).

  2. korlu01 says:

    Whoever directed this did a terrible job of transforming the scenes from the collection to the big screen. He must not have read or understood Johnson's take on it at all. It's read as very still and surreal, almost like a dream but reality. This is like methy, spazzy, comedic bullshit

  3. i asimov says:

    Billy Crudup is one of the great actors of his generation. He was outstanding in "Waking the Dead."

  4. Sean Madigan says:

    A disgrace to the amazing book (gets the voice entirely wrong) but I'll give it a thumbs up.

  5. BJ Strew says:

    1) I enjoyed this adaptation, particularly how "Emergency" is brought to life; 2) unsurprisingly, Toby Wolff says Denis is by far the best reader of this story; 3) Terrence Weber, the guy with the knife in this eye here is played by Denis

  6. ThePowerOfEquality432 says:

    "What are you doing around here anyway?"
    "I save lives…"

  7. Mazurka1001 says:

    …after hearing Tobias Wolf read this story can't go back to this…and it's not a bad movie by any means…

  8. Jordan Schlansky says:

    "I save lives." You sure do, Jack.  You sure do.

  9. sean devine says:

    Where were the hospital scenes filmed. Which hospital. Is it.

  10. Mazurka1001 says:

    Obongocare ;

  11. elektrogeist says:

    this entire movie is one long awkward moment. brilliant.

  12. Nick McNallen says:

    I think Tobias Wolff did a better job reading all these parts himself haha, solid adaptation though

  13. Anthos says:

    Enable embedding please

  14. Mynrkeys says:

    This movie makes me feel normal

  15. Sommer says:

    the most RANDOM scene – must be because Jack Black is out of his mind in it… ;o)

  16. 69RastaMama69 says:

    I LOVE jack blacks character in this movie, hhahahaha, what do you do around here? I save lives. Great movie, wierd ending tho

  17. Christopher Borgstadt says:

    C please

  18. kurtmj76 says:

    great movie

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