Extend the reach to infinity


Extend the reach to infinity
Image by davidyuweb
It was my first time went to Pacifica watch sunset at this location with their landmark –> Pacifica Pier. The sunset color was the most amazing thing at this place!!!!

View On Black

The white balance set as shot in lightroom and I changed the Camera calibration profile to to Camera Landscape –> color really pops. You got to try it in lightroom. I use the B+W 10 Stop ND filer to blur smooth the water wave also use the .6 + .9 Lee ND filters to block the strong sunlight. I use photoshop to crop it to match the level of the horizons and clean up the sensor dusts in the sky :-)))) I can’t take the correct exposure shot of the sun. This one was the best shot as I can do with 10 stop ND filer. Trust me, the sunset color almost as what you see it with this picture. The sunset color is the natural phenomena. I fascinate of the mother natural. More of this type photos will come!!!

25 seconds
ISO 200
Time: 6:54pm
Date: March 6 2010


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