F1 Circuit Guide: Monaco Grand Prix

It’s one of the most famous circuits in the sport: make yourself familiar with the Circuit de Monaco ahead of the 2015 Monaco Grand Prix.

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15 Responses

  1. DarkSwam56 says:

    I love playing this track in F1 2012. Such an interesting challenging street circuit! Still remains my personal favorite track!

  2. ErvinVanBrot says:

    2015 World Championship? ok FIA

  3. Mike Hawk says:

    Honest Guide: Curve 1, no overtakes. Curve 2, no overtakes. Tunnel, no overtakes…

  4. Arif Lukito says:

    this track is madness

  5. 4c00h says:

    Anyone else know the track off by heart from playing games lol

  6. Anthony Mcqueen says:

    Such finesse this is why these drivers are the Elite of the Elite in all Motorsports period.

  7. accipiter1961 says:

    Para mi el mas complicado pero el que mas me gusta.

  8. Abimanyu Damar H says:

    The ultimate driving skills in F1 is in Monaco, i really love this circuit

  9. GABE BOUDREAU says:

    Anyone else notice that he never gets out of 6th gear?

  10. Han Meel23 says:

    Not just the best f1 track but the best track in the world

  11. Carlos Perez says:

    This is beauty and perfection to the max

  12. Kingdeezee says:

    I'm starting to like the v6 engine sound is that bad lol

  13. BushFireFÜNF says:

    It makes me cringe when Nico gets that close to crashing

  14. Aldin says:

    I'm surprised how nobody died there in almost 50 years. I'd crash within one lap, if not the first turn.

  15. Colinisbalin10 says:


    What is the name of the song played in this video on their website?!?!?!

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