Fantasy Fighter, glowing weapons and gear

Answering the most common FF questions you guys ask. Anything you want help with let me know and I’ll gladly help out!
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20 Responses

  1. zephor makalintal says:

    How can u get mighty souls?

  2. Awsome Potato says:

    how to get mighty fragments?

  3. kaneki Ken says:

    hey can you give me the link of Chinese fantasy fighter?

  4. Michieal Arhum says:

    hey can you give me your one big id

  5. Michieal Arhum says:

    hey can you tell me to invite any friend in our guild

  6. ThatDude_DL says:

    Does grade S orange weapons randomly drop on certain stages?

  7. CrossfireNa 2.0 says:


  8. Angel Rodriguez says:

    what is it (GRADE 2 AWAKENING|MYSTIQUE LEA RNING I need it to unlock skill 70 can u help wth the please

  9. CrossfireNa 2.0 says:

    I'll be happy if u make me join a guild?

  10. CrossfireNa 2.0 says:

    …do you have a good guild? no one accepted me to a guild can you invite me ?

  11. CrossfireNa 2.0 says:

    thank you so much

  12. CrossfireNa 2.0 says:

    how did u have this glowing weapon..I'm level 52 bit I didn't get it?

  13. LarSree Wah says:

    i have that game my tablet broke

  14. rashiq spencer says:

    how I get my tattoos I'm on level 50

  15. Ryan Agedas says:

    I level 77 br 770000

  16. Ramil agular says:

    Is this offline game

  17. jeremiah Bennett says:

    hey man I have the same character how do you make his claws bigger,

  18. Jaiden Bonner says:

    how do i add a picture

  19. TicoKH Mat says:

    how to sent item to other character

  20. Nicole dear says:

    is there another way of becoming a vip

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