Father’s day from 4 year old Hadley’s perspective.

I asked my 4 year old daughter to tell her PawPaw (my dad) Happy Father’s day and this was her response.

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20 Responses

  1. lovemakestheworld says:

    Oh my.. Almost wish I had that lovely accent just so I could try make a point like your daughter. May God bless her soul and guard her innocense.

  2. Christina Jones says:

    I'm dying….??. She is so cute!

  3. ShayPeee says:

    She is so cute funny and sassy! She has celebrity reposts on this over on Instagram! ??? go her!

  4. jimi hutabarat says:

    Now Your Mom Need To have a class with you

  5. Korena Ramirez says:

    rihanna brought me here

  6. Music Queen rocks says:


  7. Kimm721 says:

    I'm an Aunt Poo and I find this to be sooo cute!

  8. Gorg 31! says:

    2kute!!!!?? didn't know this was an old video… she told her!

  9. babydorkster says:

    This is the best video?? omg

  10. cindy d says:


  11. itsMrs Robinson says:

    She has a point!
    A very dramatically illustrated point!

  12. Joey Gregorn says:

    Okay, I must know how Aunt Poo got her nickname.

  13. Myrtle Dawkins says:

    Well, I believe she explained that. Hopefully grandfather's day will be better

  14. Josie Lopez says:

    I luv it lol ? I hope she's been on The Ellen show! This is the Best!

  15. Suzy Kuehn says:

    Hope your Daddy has a wonderful Father's Day, Ms. Hadley!!! I saw your appearance on Mr. Harvey's show! GREAT JOB!

  16. Rosilyn Smith says:

    Well, alrighty, then!!♡Out of the mouths of babes….♡

  17. I Am Ma'am I Am says:

    This must #trend!
    So cute, thank you for making
    the first father's day be a bit
    better since my dad basically​
    quit talking to me. His awful
    wife retiring & then the election,
    put a near stop to our relationship ?

  18. David Smith says:

    das beein ugly lol

  19. CrazyPugGirl says:

    The subscriber count was 666 iI fixed it and made it 667

  20. Wolf Plush says:

    Guys she it ON LITTLE BIG SHOTS I'm watching her now it's great ??



    Help me ????????

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