Let me know your thoughts on this, do you think FIFA 18 needs a revamp for Career Mode?!

In this video I discuss my thoughts towards FIFA 18 and EA with Career Mode, also how it may affect the future of my channel.
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20 Responses

  1. Caoun says:

    Ea can suck my tits

  2. LukeCFC 00 says:

    As a little feature I'd love for you to change you teams kit for the season after that you can customise

  3. Sebastian Storer says:

    Haven't played FIFA since 14 should I get 18? I only care about the story mode tbh

  4. Nana Takyi says:

    pes 18 have a lot of animations in career mode now and if these animations are not brought into fifa 18 fifa will be junk

  5. Nana Takyi says:

    you are right my bro they dont care of career mode this time pes might really be better than fifa

  6. Airus1 says:

    Fuck Journey, I don't need handmade cutscenes in my carrer mode. But text based dialog options, more depth to interaction with press, mannager, players, that doesn't seem too hard to put together and give it some needed substance. Add some still images with you avatar (mannager or player) spliced into it and bang, greatnes is born.
    What can we do now? As a player, ask for loan, ask to be sold and ending your career. :/ Mannager opinions in press doesn't impact shit, you can't talk to your players and contracts are empty and impersonal. Why can't we travel to other clubs and have a whole day for negotiations? Insted of waiting for 5 fucking days, until they let us know, they want 500k more.
    Player morale is bollocks, homesickness is retarded and having your young 71 ovrl player understand, that he isn't 1st team player anymore, since you've just signed 82 ovrl guy, isn't an option!!!
    Swing back to player career… You don't have impact on your team outside the pitch. Your team will never change starting formation, team can have 3 world class strikers, but still be playing 4231 when your best CAM and RM left the team 2 years aggo. If you, by some system failure and unbelievable patience on your end, become a captain… great. Enjoy you faggy bracelet, you still can't inpact anything. (You could in 2012, but "not anymore you're not.")

    …Sorry for the rant. But FIFA 18 is finished. And don't expect any improvments. If they did something with it, we would get like 3 trailers by now. So, same shit it is… again. Fucking EA…

  7. Rayeya says:

    What gives ea most money is what ea focuses on

  8. Conkerchip says:

    I've been saying 'maybe next year' with career mode actually getting a decent revamp for about 12 years now…

  9. BJDMCV XD says:


  10. P. Unruly says:

    To easy to sign players make it realistic

  11. DiddyRadar says:

    My opinion on the journey… I have never loaded the game mode just like I've never played with the women's teams, how many others would be the same, that development time could have been spent in career it's so annoying

  12. Mansa Musa says:

    If career mode doesn't get a real upgrade I will never buy fifa again..

  13. KDH 808 says:

    Where is the West Brom career mode

  14. Francisco Hasse Ferreira says:

    Do an Ultimate Team RTG while you're doing a career mode

  15. Nemo The Zeus says:

    just try PES dude

  16. Anthony Boswell says:

    I agree.. they should improve my player career mode aswell

  17. Passion 4 Gaming says:

    disappointing for years. 🙁 why do career mode, get push aside. I mean there concerned about fut which has ruined fifa. 🙁 try post your video on fifa forums.

  18. DaniOTHfanArg says:

    I love the Journey but I agree it's too short.
    It could be a great decision to blend it with the career Mode

  19. Salty Cookie says:

    EA sports just want the money

  20. The Dude says:

    after 2 seasons it gets boring.

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