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20 Responses

  1. Connor M says:

    BigT is 100% my favorite youtuber, only person I could watch constantly without getting bored

  2. peachymite42 C says:

    um could someone tell me why is big T in his lil brother's bunk bed slash desk cubby thing?Yo is this the optic basement?big T u good fam?

  3. Illusions US says:

    Is that a dead body? No its the fucking floor board hahah

  4. Omar Pina says:

    i know how u feel once i was tommy and i saw my friend got grabbed by jason i went nope forgot him then he said why didn't u help i said cause i would have killed u anyways with the shot gun

  5. Corey Conner says:

    lol "just got stopped out of blue apron"- bigt

  6. Adam Lee says:

    BigT please never stop this series lol

  7. jay Langston says:

    best series on YouTube

  8. Michael Hanson says:

    Anyone else seeing a ton of Tyson Chicken ads

  9. Marshall B says:

    I absolutely love you playing this game Big T!!! Never stop this or GTA!!

  10. jewelify says:

    best time of the day

  11. Chris Wheeler says:

    big T the fastest way to regain stamina is to just stand still not crouch

  12. Camateur says:

    Play Dead before Daylight… it's faster paced

  13. Charlie Saraceni says:

    Bigtymer u should try to kill jason

  14. StrikeR TN says:

    Where's he at

  15. Jesse Magnan says:

    From what I am told Tommy does not get any escape points. I think it is intended to encourage the Tommy player to help others escape.

  16. Velomeister says:

    This is my favorite series on YouTube rn! GOAT

  17. jaseandjohn says:

    Got damn, bruh you can make racing games your BITCH

  18. LoneChxos says:

    Ive noticed so much playing this that if you piss Jason off hell just focus on you and only try and kill you. Literally fucked with some guy for 15 mins running in circles in one of the houses while everyone escaped lol

  19. Lassii says:

    beast driver!!!

  20. King Cozza says:

    This is my favorite game to watch you play along side with CoD

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