Gary Kubiak: “It’s Time For Me to Step Away” | NFL Press Conference

Denver Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak speaks about all the people that have been there for him along the way and explains why he has decided to step away from the Denver Broncos.

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20 Responses

  1. Kurt Troyer says:

    Thanks for all the years Kubiak! Drafted as a Bronco, retired as a Bronco!

  2. Pittsburgh Steelers says:

    Gary Kubiak was not a really good coach yet only at the time of his coaching tenure he was surrounded by good football players. John Elway and Peyton Manny disappeared as players and so did The Denver Broncos as a team with an attempt to revitalize the team with Manning which faired well for the mean time didn't produce the caliber of team and player confidence that was once there when John Elway was the face in Denver as quarterback who is now working in the Broncos front office. Kubiaks unorthodox coaching style was one that produced 2 losing seasons with 11 loses without any stars and a struggling front office didn't fair well to help maintain what Peyton Manning took with him when he retired from football. The Denver Broncos will end up like the lowly San Francisco 49ers with equal or lesser success and there will no longer be a face to recognize on the Broncos playing field…but the blame will be put on the one the has been held blameless all this time: John Elway, guaranteed

  3. Dabbin Pandaaz says:

    0-0-16 or 8-8

  4. Preston McLeotorrey dd says:

    Best offensive coordinator the Baltimore Ravens ever had!! Thank you Gary!! We'll miss you!!

  5. Statzy says:

    So many great people retiring, players and coaches. Sad year for the NFL

  6. Marcos Marquez says:

    Good luck in the future kubes

  7. Doah and Duce podcast says:

    he should have stay with the ravens as the OC. no stress . check out my podcast

  8. William Zometa says:

    or playoffs

  9. William Zometa says:

    broncos can not do anything without Peyton manning which means they will probably never make it to the Super Bowl again

  10. Debbie Grace says:

    Garry was a good coach and he was one of my favorite coaches to

  11. heriberto martinez says:

    Damn, Respect for Kubiak. Sad to see him retire

  12. John Collins says:

    Best wishes Kub. One of the great Broncos.

  13. G00N3R7883 says:

    I have complete respect for coach Kubiak. He took over a good team that fell short of its goal, and turned them into a Superbowl champion for the first time in 16 years. As a Broncos fan, I'll never forget what Kubiak achieved.

  14. RichHomie Kel says:

    Hey, saints fan here. We are willing to trade yall Sean Payton for Wade Phillips. We're in desperate need for some kind of defense, I don't even care if it's a good defense, I just want a defense that isn't ranked last.

  15. TripleOT says:

    Hell why not come back for couple years and win a super bowl haha come check out my wild card predictions and talk some football!!!

  16. Mike Dee says:

    Did he mention John Elway?

  17. Corey Soze says:

    He is a Denver Bronco for life.

  18. Ezequiel Lopez says:

    Good luck Kubiak not even a broncos fan but I have mad respect for this coach.

  19. yoo cham says:

    i always liked him as the texans hc he was a good coach

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