Hannah’s Story – Life with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy


    When Hannah Daykin’s father was first told he had PSP, the lack of awareness about the disease made it so much harder for the family to deal with the diagnosis.

    “The diagnosis didn’t feel real,” recalled Hannah. “We didn’t know what the disease was. If you are diagnosed with something like cancer people have heard about it and understand it. We had to research PSP and then tell other people what it was.”

    The Daykin family have been involved with a new campaign to raise awareness of PSP and the affects it has on a family; please watch and share our hard-hitting film to increase public awareness of this condition.

    For Hannah, the future means working hard to ensure more people gain a better understanding of PSP, its causes and hopefully a cure.

    “I know it will take a lot to find a cure. But we need to get a better understanding of PSP. That’s the only way anything will change,” Hannah added.
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