Here Comes the King – Tutankhamun/Ankhesenamun

Yes, I know I know. SlytherinPuddle, STOP USING THIS SONG.

I swear I have a good reason/excuse this time, honest!

I was recently lucky enough to see the exhibit, Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs. Ancient Egypt has been a passion of mine longer than anything else, even the Tudors (Blasphemy, I know)

You would not believe how amazing it was to see some of the actual artifacts in his tomb (As examples, there were the gold sandals he was buried in, the gold finger/toe coverings from him mummy, and the chest they found his two mummified daughters in)

It made me go searching for some Tutankamun realted stuff to watch, and I found this series from the BBC. Naturally my brain went: OOOOOH I can do something with this, and this was born.

It’s a small tribute to Tutankhamun and his much loved Queen, Ankhesenamunm, and the short life they shared together. (And before you even start, YES i know they were brother and sister, any nastyness about that will be deleted)

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20 Responses

  1. stander of kings says:

    what is the BBC Series name

  2. stander of kings says:


  3. stander of kings says:

    I feel like this should be a movie my heart is pounding in excitement for some reason

  4. historygirl0126 says:

    Great video! I love this couple. Which movie clips did you use? I would like to watch some films that feature them. Sadly there isn't much available.

  5. wayne easton says:


  6. wayne easton says:

    You bastards taking piss that's your queen ♕

  7. wayne easton says:

    Hi from king tut I really she'd tear when I saw this to think of her in all that pain and our baby's died too

  8. the430movie says:

    Very realistic video of Tutankhamun/ Tutankhaten according to history. He is crowned with the upper and lower egypt crown… The coronation has more to do with the ruler of both lands of egypt…. the uraeus crown represents the kingdom of the south, the white corned sharp crown represents the kingdom of the north. When combined, they represent the supreme ruler of both land, thus the pharaoh, ruler of both upper and lower black lands. Pharaoh in Coptic is pronounced Per-ah. Which means 'The big house'

  9. baker's world Mark says:

    by the way, it's a nice video. Ruling at the age of 10 or 12 and died on 18

  10. baker's world Mark says:

    It is also kinda different because upper Egypt is the south and lower Egypt is the north!

  11. baker's world Mark says:

    the crown that king tut wears. it's stand for both upper Egypt and lower Egypt.

  12. PharaohAlmighty says:

    LMAO!! Poor Akhesenamun!! 1:02

  13. ken wesley says:

    dis video is fake tho, lol, i dont think there was camera at the time of king tut

  14. HolaGurl says:

    okay i have to admit, as cute as their story is, the fact he made her pregnant at like age 11 is just disgusting!

  15. Tdelivers says:

    Everything you ever wanted to know about Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun, down to the smallest detail, are in the new novel, TUT & ANN. AMAZON AMAZON UK. Perhaps the greatest love story of all time.

  16. Wishonthemoon Spacey says:

    Wonderful! 🙂 If anyone finds a link regarding king Tut, feel free to send it over! Much thanks !

  17. S Lee says:

    DNA testing conducted recently proved that King Tut was the pproduct of a sister/brother marriage and also that he and ankhesenamun were half brother/sister.

  18. Catolf Kitler says:


  19. Yuki Kuran says:

    what is the name of this series?

  20. Naayagi Puspanathan says:

    how were they love story?

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