Here Comes the King – Tutankhamun/Ankhesenamun


    Yes, I know I know. SlytherinPuddle, STOP USING THIS SONG.

    I swear I have a good reason/excuse this time, honest!

    I was recently lucky enough to see the exhibit, Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs. Ancient Egypt has been a passion of mine longer than anything else, even the Tudors (Blasphemy, I know)

    You would not believe how amazing it was to see some of the actual artifacts in his tomb (As examples, there were the gold sandals he was buried in, the gold finger/toe coverings from him mummy, and the chest they found his two mummified daughters in)

    It made me go searching for some Tutankamun realted stuff to watch, and I found this series from the BBC. Naturally my brain went: OOOOOH I can do something with this, and this was born.

    It’s a small tribute to Tutankhamun and his much loved Queen, Ankhesenamunm, and the short life they shared together. (And before you even start, YES i know they were brother and sister, any nastyness about that will be deleted)

    Video Rating: / 5


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