Holly Holm Talks Losing, Ronda, and UFC 208 with Rosenberg!

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20 Responses

  1. MobiusX says:

    why wasnt she released from the UFC when other fighters have after 3 loses like Ivan Menjivar?

  2. Ronin says:

    guess what dude, she doesnt care about your little story. we dont either.

  3. Lincoln Meredith says:

    Love Holly, got a real soft spot for her, she's an excellent ambassador for the sport

  4. reg profant says:

    A very humble appearing woman.

  5. Jonathan C says:

    Holly Holm is wise–every time you hear an interview with her you learn something.

  6. Ali Pagnozzi says:

    I expected a different outcome. Holly Holm is very talented but 3 straight loses πŸ™

  7. HOLLY IS A JOKE says:

    "I never had 2 losses in a raw in my life" Said Holly
    What is about 3 losses now!
    Do you want 4 losses in a raw ( this will be your record
    Surely not the one you are looking for
    Go Go Holm, Go Go Home

  8. metalshaper says:

    my favorite female fighter. I don't know how she waited for ronda to get up before she celebrated!

  9. Kelvin Stokes says:

    Oh wait Holly has to fight to be the first champion in this division? Dame! they gave Ronda her Belt WTF? Hahahahaha

  10. S D says:

    Go Holly! Long Island, NY loves you!!

  11. Michael Smith says:

    Holly's one helluva fighter, and a class act as well! Before they call her the best though, I'd really like to see her against Cristianne Justino….

  12. Yahaira Telleria says:

    What a beautiful human being !!! Thank u holly

  13. Razvan Andrei says:

    Holy is such a babe, humble and happy being.

  14. Jenna Fine says:

    Good for her. Her humbleness is refreshing

  15. Abhigyan Talukdar says:

    she is an absolute class ? so humble so mature. No arrogance at all.

  16. nagone11 says:

    Holly…go Get em" !!

  17. George Garcia says:

    This has to be my favorite fighter

  18. L D says:

    Holly is so cool and down to earth.

  19. Snake Eyes Da Great says:

    She was beating Tate ass until she slipped up….

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