How does Messi play

In this video, I will explain every detail about everything Lionel Messi does in the field in a match

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19 Responses

  1. Aamir Bangash says:

    Good work mate

  2. Jared Juarez says:

    Most of these examples are messi vs real madrid

  3. Kevin Park says:

    This is an amazing analysis! I love it! ??

  4. Ibrahim Khalil says:

    thanks for this amazing video

  5. Wojciech Seń says:

    Great job! Make some with Dennis Bergkamp or Mesut Ozil, please

  6. ngomba shalom says:

    Nice video

  7. Radevansa Bagaswara says:

    amazing analysis,like this video?

  8. Prasant Karkidoli says:

    I am not convinced.. nobody can tell what he does on pitch….he is the god of football….nobody can predict that not even his teammates not even you …

  9. ning zhai says:

    thanks for this videos
    so great
    so good
    so splendid

  10. SKILL SHOW says:

    that song tho in 6 :38

  11. qasim naqvi says:

    17:13 the whole middle is like tore open

  12. Fifajesius says:

    Lahm. Bonucci. Ramos. Alaba
    Iniesta. Kante
    Messi. Neymar

  13. the master says:

    nice work u did here.

  14. SDSproduction says:

    amazing video, I learn so much from watching your vids.
    thank you so much

  15. rp yadav says:

    best video I have ever seen

  16. Does Gaming says:

    2:55 it is called body feint

  17. El Grando Smokio says:

    Cristiano Ronaldo pls!

  18. Siddhant Kumar says:

    you missed his body feints
    that's a main part of his dribble

  19. Chirag Bakshi says:

    please make a video on neymar's playing style

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