How is Life as a male model in New York City?

How is Life as a male model in New York City?

Also check out my life as a Model in Los Angeles!

Follow me to castings, events, my gym and find out what a normal day in the life of an actor and model in New York looks like.

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20 Responses

  1. Jade Santiago Depp says:

    baby boy marioooo stay funny and genuine. i love youuu!!!! visit me haha

  2. Liam Crawford says:

    every shot is about presenting your face :b i mean it's great to feel good, but lol πŸ˜€

  3. Wahlt G. says:

    Mario that squeaky introduction voice is so funny…

  4. John The Angel says:

    je t'aime Brother XD

  5. ju bu says:

    what's with the angle? makes me dizzy

  6. marianne gagne says:

    I love your videos juste found your channel can't wait to watch more!

  7. Hao Li says:

    male modeling is only accepted by the gay and fashion world, most straight men consider this profession ashamed when you use your body not your brain it is akin to a prostitute…

  8. Brian Blanco says:

    Cool video

  9. jheng nazal says:

    so cool

  10. Dana T says:

    Your like my role model. I was thinking about being a male model. But I really gotta go to the gym. Thanks for being a great role model.

  11. its just a prank bro says:

    hey man whats your diet

  12. Toni Memetaj says:

    how many girls turned their head for you man

  13. Chris O says:

    subscribed ✌

  14. Mooem Dee says:

    mario adrion your my daily inspiration.. mwah..

  15. Mario Adrion says:

    Life as a Model is FUN!!
    More fun stuff on Instagram:

    Follow me now and join in (: !!

  16. Dylan Hennig says:

    Hate to grow up…think i can't handle it…

  17. M S says:

    Any info on what you ate during the day? Bc I just saw some fruit, a carrot, and some green juice. I am legitimately trying to model (in the process of dropping weight before visiting agencies in New York). Anyway, looks like whatever you are doing is working for you. Kudos.

  18. aayush dhakal says:

    u look like Ken doll πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  19. Kobe Long says:

    you have a beautiful eyes?

  20. Anton H says:

    Are you aware that you film yourself from the exact same angle all the time and that you do something with your eyebrows all the time too?

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