How to brush the ENSŌ – Zen Circle

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“Asian Drums” by Kevin MacLeod

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13 Responses

  1. MosesMabini says:

    beautiful work.

  2. Louis Phung says:

    I drew small enso's that took me 3-4 hours for me to complete 3 perfect enso's. your video has helped me, thank you.

  3. Pyro Geek says:

    mine looks too clean ;-;

  4. joe-b-one kenobi says:

    Those were some long breathes

  5. Jeremy Rapp says:


  6. GeoAl09 says:

    Where can I get the ink and brush you are using in this video?

  7. Beatnikzombie says:

    Just watching it made me calm.  It feels like it breaks it all down to living simply.  I'm all kinds of happy right now.

  8. Rob Harrington says:

    Thank you for this wonderful demonstration. I am inspired to take up the practice as part of my Waldorf arts program which includes watercolor painting, flute, and movement. Are you able to tell me more about the music and who the musician(s) are?

  9. noapology88 says:


  10. karatemike patolino says:

    Beautiful work and the music was very powerful! Is enzō part of traditional shodo? My teacher didn't seem to know about it.

  11. Irisabella Moreno says:

    Great, I loved your video. Im starting an experiment in which Im going to draw 1 enso a day as an spiritual exercise, so thats how I ended up here, any other advise you may want to give to me before starting?

  12. jaaaaa aaaaaa says:


  13. alv4ro says:

    Brilliant, I'd never heard of the breathing part of it, that was very helpful! Thank you so much! 

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