How To Get Temporary, Damage Free, Fashion Hair Colors !

As some of you guys know, I Finally dyed my hair PINK, In this video I’ll show you how to get Temporary, Damage free Fashion colors that you can wash out with just a few shampoos. Like I mentioned in the video, these work best on blonde hair since there’s no bleaching involved. Thanks for watching!!

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I used the PURPLE tinted love for this, but left it in for only 4-5 mins.
(or if you’re a first time customer, try any 3 products for

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20 Responses

  1. groggy candy8 says:

    thank you so much like honestly thank you this is the only way I could ever dye my hair and my mother finally approved of it so thank you

  2. Rasha M says:

    u look like Shakira u r so beautiful ????

  3. Martino Stefanovic says:

    Loved it!!!!

  4. Dakota Bero says:

    We're can I buy this? I want to buy blue green and yellow…and how much dose this cost?

    I need an answer ASAP cuz my dad said that I can die my hair but it has to be temporary and this is perfect…plz answer back

  5. Dakota Bero says:

    We're can I buy this?

  6. Bryan Alvarez says:

    Do they have grey and white?? That's what I've been wanting to do for ever

  7. x o says:

    is it cruelty free?

  8. The Adventures Of Marlou says:

    how about red? will it stain ?

  9. ItzAmelia says:

    I thought it looked great, and I'm gonna try it

  10. 1995Benzo says:

    that pink looks great on you

  11. Marina Morais says:

    Adoro 馃檪 LINDA

  12. Danielle M says:

    Why are your eyes like that

  13. wendy lopez says:

    Thank you so much for this! I'm going to try it ?

  14. Done Hey says:

    How long does it take to Wash this out i have waited 4 days now and washed it everyday

  15. Meg Smiley says:

    I just watched this video now because I recently found your channel. I clicked on the link because I really want to try the fashion colors tinted shampoos. the website now only has natural colors.

  16. Lisa Willett says:


  17. Ben Pallack says:

    do they make other shades

  18. Anne Scofield says:

    I've used Tinted Love from esalon, and it did NOTHING to my hair. Overtone didn't do anything either. I'm trying Adore direct dye soon. Not looking forward to bleaching my hair though for the process. 馃檨


    I want to dye my hair pastel baby blue

  20. Jennifer L says:

    Would love to see you with rose gold

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