How To Make Yourself Poop Fast Naturally

Whether you admit it or not, if you don’t have your morning bowels on time, you will lose peace. You may not even feel like doing anything else. You may not feel like going to work too.

Also, timely bowel movements keep you healthy and constipation is unhealthy for your system. But still, on some days, your bowel movements could betray you for some or the other reason.

Of course, you can change your diet or find some other way to tackle the problem in the long run. But what would you do to instantly get your bowel movements to save yourself on that particular day? Well, here are some simple tips.

Tips #1
Drink a cup of hot water. Yes it works! You don’t need to mix anything; simply drink plain warm water. You can add a few drops of lemon juice to it. It works in many cases.

Tips #2
Try doing 10 squats gently. For some people this works well. Frankly speaking, most of us seldom squat because of using western style toilets. Squatting is good for your bowel function.

Tips #3
Take a walk. But don’t go too far away. Walk inside your home for 5 minutes to see if that can move your bowels. This tip could work in many cases.

Tips #4
You can gently massage your abdominal muscles for a few minutes. In some cases, this could move the bowels instantly.

Tips #5
Drink a cup of ginger tea. Hot tea can stimulate your bowel function in the morning. You can get rid of the toxic load fast.

Tips #6
In future, if you wish to avoid this problem, ensure that you eat a fibre-rich diet that contains vegetables and fruits.

Tips #7
Also, your digestive system needs the help of healthy bacteria. Consume probiotics at least occasionally.

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20 Responses

  1. Integra DIY says:

    Why use a robot voice

  2. Michael Chudakov says:

    Who else wanted to say…who was on the toilet watching this. When 50 people already said it

  3. Matthew Cannon says:

    I'm on a bunch of pain meds and muscle relaxers after a surgery and they r really backing me up and even with pills that help me go and laxatives I still can't go, any tips

  4. iHaveProblems says:

    I'll be honest constipation in the morning really holds me back from doing what i want to do. I can't leave the house no matter how late I am until I've cleared my bowels so I'll drink coffee and eat peanuts until I'm ready to poop. Past two days what's been helping me is half a teaspoon of psyllium husk powder with a glass of water before my morning coffee. It's been really helpful!!!

  5. Christian Castillo says:

    thanks. i have class tomorrow and i don't want to poop in my school.

  6. Epik Duck Is Gonna Get U says:

    squats made me feel good and it worked great. now flushing did not ?

  7. Cold_ Times777 says:

    I did like 30 squats instead of 10 and it felt like my colon went with the poop.

  8. Jandk Donaldson says:

    Guys! I'm stuck on the toilet and it worked I did 10 squtas

  9. Emily Walski says:

    who else is in the bathroom doing squats now. cuz I know I am

  10. Kimberly UniquelyMade says:

    The only thing that helps me, is dissolving a tsp of un iodide sea salt In a 8 oz glass of spring water, & drinking immediately. Having me going within the hour. ?

  11. itsmonica05 says:

    her voice is giving me more stress than my bowels

  12. Kendall Kimbrough says:

    I have a stomach problem and they need samples ??

  13. Nikhil Kumar says:

    I've tried all of these and I'm still having trouble. I never get daily bowel movements and I always feel an uncomfortable feeling inside me. Right now i haven't pooped in 6 days and I'm still not getting it please help someone. My sister said she usually poops every 3 days but the thing with her is that when she eventually gets it she poops everything out. For me, I'm not able to poop for a couple days and when I eventually get it, NOT ALL OF IT COMES OUT. When this happens I usually cry and get very mad. What happens is I poop a certain amount and then my hole decides to close and I'm not able to control it. It cuts the poop in half and my body sucks it back in. It's the worst felling omg the world. Also when this happens I still have that stupid uncomfortable feeling when I'm doing simple things like working, walking, and even just waiting for something patiently. Also when all of it doesn't come out it's not like I get it later in the day I literally have to wait another couple days to get it again AND IT STILL DOESN'T ALL COME OUT. And when it doesn't all come out it also takes about an hour to clean up. I've also tried squaring on the toilet and also putting a trash can under my feet and they help a little but it's still not all coming out. If someone knows my problem please help I can't live like this?

  14. Jemverson Perez says:

    wired side in you tube again : |

  15. Laney Brook says:

    OMG THE SQUATS WORK I WAS SUPRISED I DID 10 SQUATS AND IT ALL CAME OUT!! THANKS SO MUCH! ?????……now….let's see if I can flush the toilet without it clogging up lol and I'm serious

  16. jason minix says:

    voice makes me have to shit

  17. The boss of YouTube says:

    Oh My Gosh! It actually works! I can poop so more efficiently now! Its a miracle! Thank you poop God!!!!!

  18. Iloveyoutube Higuys says:

    omg this did not help uhhhhh my poop won't come outtttt help me I'm stuck on the toilet and + no toilet paper plz uhhh

  19. CallMeTammy says:

    Who else is sitting on the toilet dying and never thought you would need to search/watch this type of video

  20. Bella Litman says:

    0:29 camel….

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