Hunter Zolomon is the Earth-19 Flash? – The Flash Season 4 Q and A!

Hunter Zolomon is the Earth-19 Flash? – The Flash Season 4 Q and A! The Flash Godspeed, The Flash 3×23, The Flash 3×23 Ending, The Flash 3×23 Barry, Iris West Death, Savitar Future.

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20 Responses

  1. MegaWubba says:

    Will Power Girl Be Introduce On Supergirl ?

  2. Jeffy Is Lit98 says:

    The accelerated man looks like snart

  3. Joshua Ojeda says:

    Agreed about the Deathstroke show

  4. Joshua Ojeda says:

    Agreed about a Deathstroke show

  5. Joshua Ojeda says:

    She is, I never watched smallville but I know her, the actress is Serinda Swan

  6. Jeremiah Burton says:

    ROBBY REYES GHOST RIDER NEEEEEDS to be in infinity war, most OP character comic book character IN ALL OF FREAKIN TELEVISION right now besides Martian manhunter on supergirl. please someone talk about this, any YouTube news source

  7. Jamie O'Keith says:

    Warstu is one of those channels that come up with random topics that has no backing. Liked the channel at first, but it became too much.

  8. C Ballz says:

    I think the 2056 Flash has the white lighting and a suit kind of like Savitar maybe Barry will come out of the speedforce a little bit like that

  9. Ren3cide Bosk says:

    do you think barry would meet his doppelganer again

  10. Gabrielle Dixon says:

    Love Pagey??

  11. RamzzzTV says:

    Pagey I copied one of your videos, the new black canary suit one but only that one and I did it because black canary is one of my top 5 favorite characters of all time. My channel is mainly injustice 2 focused, but I DC comics news too, I'm sorry for copying your vid tho

  12. Alexander Kleinberg says:

    I think abracadabra is going pull Barry out of the speed force

  13. Alexander Kleinberg says:

    Super girl is from earth 3

  14. Phillip Gardner says:

    That ginger Wally West question reminded me of the one episode from season three when Barry loses his memory. He asks Wally who he is and Wally responds with "I'm your brother" and Barry has this confused look on his face as he checks his skin color. ?

  15. trap tom says:

    pagey wouldn't savitar be born cause barry is in the speedforce he is gonna lost his mind in there just like savitar

  16. Bradley Rubesch says:

    cod vist
    star city on arrow season 6

  17. Bradley Rubesch says:

    cod she viest earth 2 star city on arrow season 6

  18. R0H1T G0GN4 says:


  19. R0H1T G0GN4 says:


  20. Broken kiwi says:

    Click baiting fag putting ur q and a at the end

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