I Adopted Another Cat & He Died (Ragnar’s Story)

I Adopted Another Cat & He Died (Ragnar's Story)

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Page and Molly love you, go rescue a dog!
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20 Responses

  1. arie trajcevski says:

    We are here for you Stacy it's okay

  2. Abrielle Nguyen says:

    I know how u feel I lost a husky and two husk pups😭😭

  3. mewmew gallax says:

    OMG I'm sooo sorry but off topic you look really good in glasses 😢😘

  4. Drahoslava Tundradagon says:

    Im so sorry!! That must be hard for you!! 🙁

  5. Bubxie Playz says:

    oh my gosh when i saw that tear run down stacy's face i was HEARTBROKEN because i am in kinda a situation where my grandfather has been in the hospital for over 2 month i feel your pain stacy

  6. Bubxie Playz says:

    Awwwww thats sad i still remember crying when i saw the title of when the other baby cat that passed

  7. Audrie Reads says:

    Question: Is a new mermaid series coming out? And if so will Amylee33 be in it?

  8. Family Pranks says:

    Stacy if you wanted to keep Ragnar's story personal, we would've understood. You shouldn't have to go through this, no one should go through that. But thank you for sharing that story, I hope you get through this, also I pray your mum will be cancer free very soon. Love you Stacy! 💙

  9. Audrie Reads says:

    Stacy: well I shouldn't…….SHE WAS MURDERED!
    Me: OH MY GOD!!

  10. Audrie Reads says:

    Oh my gosh!! Your Spanish teacher was murdered!!!! I'm so sorry!! That's bizzare!!

  11. Audrie Reads says:

    Stacy…..You made Ragnar feel loved in a way I'm sure he's never felt….and maybe when you came to the shelter he was holding back from passing on because he wanted to feel love before he left the world you made him feel loved….he was complete…it was his time….and he left this earth knowing you loved him….but he couldn't hold on…..I'm sure other people cane to see Ragnar…..but none of them completed him like you did…..the end……Stacy….you're a WONDERFUL person…don't ever forget that. <3

  12. Audrie Reads says:

    Stacy…..I'm so sorry….everything will be ok….just think positive! At least you still have Milquetoast and at least you know Ragnar died happy…..there are worse ways for a cat to pass away…..just know we love you and I know the pain you're going through….I hope you're ok and get back to your happy self soon….but take all the time you need to push through cry it out and get back together! It'll all be ok! <3

  13. Luna moon Gameing says:

    My cat oatmeal ran out in the rode yesterday and I was at school but when I found out I cried and cried for about an hour;(

  14. Audrie Reads says:

    Aww! Stacy your dad sounds so nice!!

  15. Daniel G says:

    don't cry it's ok animals past we past 🙂

  16. Cleopatra HARRIS says:

    Stacy I know how much grief you are in when I was one we got a little kitten and he has survived until 2017. 2009- 2017

  17. Brian McBride says:

    Stacy! You are the sweetest YouTuber. I respect you. I'm sure ragnar would halve lived an amazing rest of his life!!

  18. xCloud Gaming says:

    me and my boyfriend love cats so much and we plan to adopt a lot of cats….we will name one after you just to honor you <3
    It'll be okay Stacy
    luv ya <3

  19. Crafty Gamer says:

    States it wasn't your fault you couldn't have prevented it my cat died at 15 she she was just really old and the same thing happened to my cat but my cat suffered for a long time at least the one that you were going to buy didn't it wasn't your fault I blamed myself to don't be too hard on yourself

    Ps I love your videos

  20. Dangirlgaming123 Ding says:

    The cat was so cute! I'm so sorry that Rags died.

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