Image from page 62 of “New guide of Rome, Naples and their environs” (1844)

Image from page 62 of “New guide of Rome, Naples and their environs” (1844)
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Identifier: newguideofromena00vasi
Title: New guide of Rome, Naples and their environs
Year: 1844 (1840s)
Authors: Vasi, Mariano Nibby, A. (Antonio), 1792-1839
Publisher: Rome : Montaldini
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
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e houses or rather cottagesof Romulus , of Tatius, of Manlius , the temple of JupilerFeretrius built by Romulus to receive the spoils of thevictory which he gained over Acron, chief of the Cerum-nians, and many other temples and altars or which accountit was also named <(Ara sacrorutna. On the north side of the intermontium was theasylum established by Romulus in order to encrease thepopulation of his city ; on the south were the tabularium,the athenffium and capitoliue library. The tabularium de-rived its name from the bronze table deposited in it, onwhich were inscribed the senatus consulli, the decreesof the people , the treaties of peace , of alliance and otherpublic documents. It was built by Catulus, the successorof Sylla in the diclalure, 84 years before the christian era ;was burnt in tlie contest betw^een the soldiers of Yitelliusand Vespasian , and was rebuilt by the latter who col-lected, in 5000 bronze tables, the acts which had beenscattered over the whole empire. ^«;

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Second day. 19 Some remains of the portico of tins edifice are stillexisting towards the forum j ihey are of the doric order inpeperino , with the capitals in travertine. On the summit of the hill overlooking the Corso,where the church of Araceli now stands, was the cele-brated temple of Jupiter Capitolinus built by Tarquinthe Proud in fulfilment of the vow made by TarquiniusPriscus, after the last Sabine war. Having been destroyedthree times by fire it was rebuilt by Sylla , Vespasian andDomitian. Under Sylla its dimensions were, according toDionisiusof Halicarnassus in Bomanfeelcircumference7705length 200, breadth 185. The front having a triple row ofcolumns, (which was double on the sides) faced the south.The cella was divided into three naves with ediculoe orchapels j of those on the sides , one was dedicated to Juno,the other to Minerva, and the third in the centre to Ju-piter. It was in front of this temple that the generals towhom triumphal honours bed been decreed , sacrificed

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