magician's code
    Image by Maker Media
    The magician’s magician, illusion designer John Gaughan is the man behind the curtain. Here we offer a special tour of his Los Angeles workshop. Read the entire article, written by David Pescovitz, in MAKE, Volume 13, page 32.

    photo by Noah Webb
    As the youngest child of three, Noah Webb (Proto photography) always had to sit in the back of the “sparkly brown” family station wagon, so he gained a sharp eye at an early age. It “forced me to become a photographer. Looking through that window was like looking through a big view camera watching the world go by.” He lives in Los Angeles in a 1910 Craftsman home, and loves cookies, swimming, snowboarding, and “pushing my body’s limits as I grow older.” His latest project is a handmade book about a trip to Ecuador.

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