Inside HGO: What to Wear to the Opera

Inside HGO: What to Wear to the Opera

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  1. candycookiekitty minniekitty says:

    although i do not feel that every single live performance (opera.ballet.plays,etc) warrants a tux and evening gown. People should dress nicely be put together don't go below business on the dress scale its like come on this is a special occasion often preplaned how often do people get to dress up anyway itls like your going to a performance not hanging out with your friends and going to see a movie to have something to do.

  2. KmwAmg says:

    Talk about dumbing down ! Dress for the occasion Houston !

  3. Frank Nashton says:

    Dressing nice is a sign of respect to the opera house and the performers who worked hard to give you the best show possible.

  4. AlbertBlackout says:

    Colors I saw when I went to the HGO, were black, white and red, business casual and above!

  5. Varun Chadha says:

    this is shit

  6. Ray Witkowski says:

    Always wear a tuxedo to the opera, always.

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